Bakula Reveals 'Shockwave' Spoilers

By Caillan
May 22, 2002 - 1:48 PM

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Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) promises plenty of action in tonight's literally explosive Enterprise season finale.

"We've been invited to come visit this planet with 3500 colonists, and as we're entering the atmosphere, there's an explosion — they're all dead," Bakula revealed to TV Guide Online.

"Needless to say, no one's happy about it," he said, especially Archer's long-time adversaries, the Vulcans. "The Vulcans want to shut down the whole space-travel program because of this huge disaster." Bakula added that the episode involves a "time-travelling visitor from the future."

Apart from the Vulcans and the Suliban, 'Shockwave' also features plenty of technobabble. "Not only do you have to spit it out, they're sticklers about you doing it verbatim," Bakula said. "In this season finale, I think I modify our phaser cannons and turn them into something else — and it's a page of techno-babble in the script. It's quantum physics combined with engineering technology, and I'm just spewing it. They saved the worst for last for me this year!"

The full interview with Bakula can be found here at TV Guide Online.

'Shockwave' has been given the thumbs-up in the first online review.

Awarding the episode four out of five stars, 'Hercules' at Ain't It Cool News said 'Shockwave' is "almost certainly the best instalment of the series since the Suliban saved the Enterprise in 'Cold Front.'"

The review highlighted the performance of Jolene Blalock (T'Pol). "The show's single biggest asset remains Jolene Blalock, who week in and week out almost beats Leonard Nimoy at his own deadpan Vulcan game. Check out that faintest glimmer of impatience as T'Pol reminds that the Vulcan Science Directorate concluded that time travel is impossible."

But the fast-paced finale is packed full of highlights, according to 'Hercules.' "A philosophical chat between Phlox and Trip. T'Pol's willingness to stand against the Vulcans. The extraordinary circumstances surrounding Archer's first meeting with Daniels. Trip's reaction to Archer's sudden leaps of engineering genius. The enduring creepiness of the enhanced Suliban. The improbable faculty with which the crew engages its murderous foes. And the mystery of Future Guy's renewed interest in Archer."

Like the best Trek season finales, the cliff-hanger ending leaves viewers wanting more. "The final scene is so intriguing it almost hurts when that miserable 'To Be Continued' title pops up."

Further spoilers and commentary can be found in the full review at Ain't It Cool News.

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