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By Christian
May 22, 2001 - 12:04 AM

If Paramount Publicity continues releasing videos at this rate, the studio will soon run out of new scenes to show when the Voyager finale itself actually airs on Wednesday. Over the past weekend, six new clips from 'Endgame' appeared on the internet, containing a total of four and half minutes of new footage.

Most videos come from the opening parts of the episode, at least before the climactic confrontation with the Borg Queen. The clips appeared on the official Star Trek site, on New York's UPN 9 station (via P/K All The Way and the USA Weekly web site. Below you will find transcripts of all the clips, as well as information on where they fit in the episode and how you can download them.

  • Clip One: The first clip is set in the future, as Admiral Janeway attempts to convince Captain Kim to help her in her quest. The clip takes place in an officer's quarters aboard what looks like an Intrepid-class starship.

    [Side view of Admiral Janeway, smiling.]
    [Captain Kim standing in front of the window, looking at her.]
    Kim: "What?"
    Janeway: "I remember a young ensign who wanted to fly into a Borg-infested nebula just to explore the remote possibility that we might find a way home."
    [Kim shakes his head. ]
    Kim: "If I remember correctly, you stopped me."
    Janeway: "We didn't know then what we know now."
    [A pause as Kim looks at her.]
    Kim: "Our technology may have advanced, but..."
    Janeway: "I'm not talking about technology, I'm talking about people. People who weren't as lucky as you and me."
    [Kim turns his head, uncomfortable with the direction this conversation is taking.]
    Janeway: "You said you and the Doctor wanted to keep things in the family."
    [Kim looks at her.]
    [Frontal view of Janeway as she leans closer to Kim.]
    Janeway: "But our family is not complete anymore, is it? I'm asking you to trust my judgement, Harry. One last time."

    The actual clip runs for 50 seconds, and can be downloaded as a 2.1 MB QuickTime video at the official Star Trek site.

  • Clip Two: The second clip is set in the future, even as Janeway prepares to embark on her quest to get back from the future. The scene is set in Janeway's shuttlecraft/timeship.

    [Captain Kim stands in the hatch.]
    Kim: "You won't be able to get back."
    [From the pilot's seat, Admiral Janeway looks at him.]
    Janeway: "I always assumed it was a one-way trip."]
    [Kim sighs, enters the shuttle.]
    Kim: "You're sure I can't talk you out of this?"
    [Janeway looks at him, then gets up from her seat and walks up to him.]
    Kim "All right."

    The actual clip aired as part of the special Voyager retrospective that UPN 9 in New York showed this weekend. P/K All The Way has digitised the 25-second clip as a 1.6 MB AVI file.

  • Clip Three: This scene takes place right after Admiral Janeway has made it back to the original timeline, as we first see how the crew on the Voyager bridge encounter her. She is being followed by a Klingon, who is likely looking to reclaim the temporal device Janeway stole from him.

    [Ensign Kim stands behind his console.]
    Kim: "We're being hailed."
    [Seven of Nine works on her console.]
    [Captain Janeway and Chakotay are seated, Janeway gets up.]
    Captain Janeway: "On screen."
    [Admiral Janeway on the viewscreen.]
    Admiral Janeway: "Recalibarate your deflector to emit an anti-tachyon pulse. You have to seal that rift."
    [The camera closes up on Captain Janeway.]
    Captain Janeway: "It's usually considered polite to introduce yourself before you start giving orders."
    Tuvok: "Captain, a Klingon vessel is coming through."
    Admiral Janeway: "Close the rift. In case you didn't notice, I outrank you, Captain. Now do it!"
    [Captain Janeway resolutely walks forward.]
    Captain Janeway: "I did what you asked. Now tell me what the hell is going on."
    Admiral Janeway: "I've come to bring Voyager home. "

    This clip, too, aired as part of UPN 9's Voyager retrospective. The 40-second clip can be downloaded as a 220k RealVideo file at P/K All The Way.

  • Clip Four: Dialogue suggests this scene takes place after Admiral Janeway has arrived on Voyager. It takes place in a Borg regeneration chamber, with both the Borg Queen and Seven present, but it is unclear from the clip whether it takes place in Cargo Bay 2 or aboard a Borg vessel.

    [The camera slowly zooms in on Seven of Nine as she is regenerating in her alcove.]
    Borg Queen (off-screen): "Seven of Nine. Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One."
    [Seven opens her eyes."
    [The Borg Queen stands opposite her.]
    Borg Queen: "It's been too long."
    Seven: "What do you want?"
    [Close-up on the Borg Queen as a green light from the ceiling creates a lens flare in the camera.]
    Borg Queen: "Do I need a reason to visit a friend?"
    Seven: "We are not friends."
    [The Queen walks up to her.]
    Borg Queen: "No. We're more than that. We're family."
    [With the Queen now only an arm's length away from her, Seven swallows.]
    Seven: "While we're on the subject of old friends - I see that Voyager has just gotten a visitor. And she's come from the future. Tell me why?"

    This 40-second clip was also released by the official site as a publicity clip for the finale. It can be downloaded as a 2.1 MB QuickTime video file at

  • Clip Five: This clip likely shows Kim's plan to fly into a "Borg-infested nebula,' as mentioned in Clip One. It is uncertain whether this clip is showing the version as it occurred in the timeline in which Admiral Janeway did not arrive, in the changed timeline, or whether the same events happened in both timelines. The scene takes place on the Voyager bridge as the senior staff are gather around an LCARS panel.

    [The camera pans from a display showing a nebula to Seven of Nine.]
    Seven: "The emissions are occurring at the center of the nebula. There appear to be hundreds of distinct sources."
    [The camera turns further to show Chakotay and Ensign Kim.]
    Kim: "Which could translate to hundreds of wormholes."
    [Seven walks up to Captain Janeway.]
    Seven: "The radiation is interfering with our sensors. But if Ensign Kim's enthusiams turns out to be justified, it would be the most concentrated appearance of wormholes ever recorded."
    [The camera pans to show an intrigued Janeway.]
    Janeway: "Any idea where they lead?"
    Kim: "Not yet, but if just one of them leads to the Alpha Quadrant..."
    Tom Paris: "Who knows, Harry - it might take us right into your parents' living room."
    Janeway: "All in due course, Mr. Paris. Ensign - when you speak to your mother, tell her we may need her to move the sofa."
    [Janeway moves away, Kim lets out a happy sigh.]

    This clip was one of two exclusively released on the USA Today web site. It can be viewed as a 40-second streaming video file on the newspaper's web site, though due to the large popularity you may have to retry several times.

  • Clip Six: We are shown one of the penultimate scenes of the episode, as B'Elanna Torres has entered labour and Tom Paris is called away to pilot the ship home. The location is of course sickbay.

    [B'Elanna Torres sits upright on a biobed, moaning with pain. The Doctor scans her.]
    The Doctor: "Try to relax, lieutenant!"
    [Torres cries out again.]
    Torres: "If you tell me to relax one more time, I'm going to rip your holographic head off!"
    The Doctor: "I hope you don't intend to kiss your baby with your mouth."
    [Torres cries out again. Tom Paris comes running toward her.]
    Paris: "Tell me this wasn't another false alarm.]
    [As Torres continues to scream, the Doctor gets a tray with medical equipment.]
    The Doctor: "This isn't another false alarm."
    Paris: "I can't believe it."
    Torres (through her teeth): "Believe it."
    Paris: "I might actually win."
    Torres: "What?"
    Paris: "The baby pool. I picked today, 1500 hours."
    Torres: "I'm so glad I could accomodate you."
    The Doctor: "Don't celebrate yet. Klingon labours sometimes last several days."
    [Torres screams out, grabs the Doctor.]
    The Doctor: "Of course I'm sure that won't be the case here."
    [A comm signal beeps.]
    Janeway (over the comm system): "Bridge to Lieutenant Paris. We're ready to get underway."
    [Paris looks up in desperation.]
    Paris: "Captain... I'm afraid..."
    Torres: "Go!"
    [Torres moans out in pain again. Paris moves closer to her and Torres becomes miraculously calm for the next 20 seconds.]
    Paris: "But..."
    Torres: "No buts, flyboy. If this mission is going to succeed, we need our best pilot at the helm. Don't worry. The Doctor will be here with me."
    Janeway: "Is there a problem, Mr. Paris?"
    [Paris sighs, ponders what to do.]
    Paris: "On my way, Captain."
    [He kisses Torres, puts his hand on her belly.]

    This one-minute clip, too, can be viewed at the USA Today web site.

'Endgame' is scheduled to air on UPN on Wednesday. More information on the episode can be found this news item of the first half of the episode and this news item on the second half, though for the full story you will of course have to tune in to UPN at 8:00pm on Wednesday!

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