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By Christian
May 22, 2000 - 11:54 PM

  • John Ordover, editor at Pocket Books, just sent along a reminder that in order to receive a free 'Star Trek: New Earth' postcard (as offered a few days ago), you need to send him an email at containing your full name and street address. Apparently many people have been forgetting to include these, and, considering the lack of transporter facilities email has, he won't be able to send you a postcard unless you send in your street address.

  • The German Star Trek Index is reporting that Sat.1 in Germany will be showing the first 8 Star Trek films on 8 Saturdays in a row, starting on the 8th July. Also, the DSi is reporting that Voyager's sixth season will begin showing on Sat.1 in Autumn, on Saturdays at 15:00, and daily TNG showings will start again in Spring 2001.

  • Psi Phi's cover artist database (which was launched yesterday), has been updated with several new entries, while an entire Young Adult section has also been added.

  • Showing that fan campaigns can still be successful nowadays, even with the rise of the internet, the WB just acknowledged that the 'Roswell' renewal was in large part due to a large campaign in which thousands of 'Roswell' fans sent thousands of tiny Tabasco bottles to the network.

  • UltimateTV is reporting that 'Freedom', the new action series that UPN will be showing on Friday nights next season, has already lost its lead actor, Vincent Spano. Spano was to appear in the series as Col. Cally Beach, "a gutsy Marine in charge of an elite military unit", but he's no longer in the role, for reasons unknown to us.

  • TrekWeb, in conjunction with the official Star Trek Fan Club, has posted a mini-survey asking what kind of uniform replicas they should be creating in the future.

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