News Bullets

By Christian
May 22, 2000 - 12:29 AM

  • Psi Phi's Star Trek Books Database has been enhanced with a feature listing which cover artists worked on which novels.

  • is reporting that Nicole deBoer (Ezri Dax) will be in Hanover, Germany, on the 14th of August, to attend the Worlds Fair.

  • The official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage has been updated with a set of screencaps from the recent appearance by Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) on 'Politically Incorrect'.

  • Staff writer Ariel at Fandom's Star Trek Central has put up a new featured article, wondering if 'Voyager' isn't just a waste of space.

  • Daily Trek, the newsletter of our German partner site, is reporting that the German pay channel Premiere World will start showing Voyager's sixth season in August, and not in June, as previous reports suggested. From the 1st August on, PW will be showing two episodes every Tuesday, showing all the episodes of Voyager's sixth season after that date.

  • The Great Link is reporting that, starting in June, the Original Series will be returning for another run on the British BBC 2, showing most Thursdays at 6:00pm GMT. During the summer, however, it seems likely the show will be pre-empted some times, because of Euro 2000 Football and the Olympic games.

  • And the Great Link also has a cover scan of Voyager video 6.4, containing 'Dragon's Teeth' and 'One Small Step', and scheduled to be released in the UK soon, if it isn't already out.

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