Star Trek Tourism Boosts Riverside, Linlithgow

By Michelle
April 22, 2007 - 4:17 PM

It's long been known that local Star Trek connections are good for tourism. On Friday, articles described how both Riverside, Iowa, birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, and Linlithgow, Scotland, putative birthplace of engineer Montgomery Scott, are using their Star Trek links to attract visitors.

Kirk's birthday was never officially established on the series, but former town councilor and self-declared "Trekkie" Steve Miller persuaded the council in 1985 to declare Riverside the future birthplace of Kirk, according to a Reuters article at Yahoo! Riverside erected a plaque declaring itself Kirk's birthplace as of March 22, 2228 (the date having been chosen in tribute to William Shatner, born on March 22nd some years earlier).

"I'm no Trekkie, but Captain Kirk is good for drawing visitors and Riverside needs plenty of those," said local businessman Ken Wilkinson. The town is trying to raise money to build a Star Trek museum. Local bar Murphy's boasts a plaque claiming that Kirk will be conceived on the premises, originally located under the pool table. Riverside hosts an annual "Trek Fest" each June where fans can buy bottles of "Kirk Dirt" from the town for $10.

Meanwhile, The Linlithgow Gazette reported that local tourist committee member Ken Richardson had dressed up in a replica Scotty uniform at the VisitScotland Expo to draw attention to the town. Scotty and Mary, Queen of Scots are Linlithgow's two most famous residents.

An exhibition focusing on Scotty actor James Doohan will open in Linlithgow's Annet House this July, organised in part by Linlithgow Heritage Trust chairman Alan Young. "We're delighted Scotty was featured at the Expo," he said. "It will help raise awareness not only of Linlithgow but also the museum and the upcoming exhibition. Items from James Doohan's family are currently being shipped over."

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