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Sussman: Borg Episode Will Provide 'Food For Thought'

By Antony
April 22, 2003 - 3:59 PM

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Enterprise co-producer Michael Sussman has spoken about the show's upcoming Borg episode, and is confident it will serve Trek continuity well.

"I consider myself something of a "continuity hound," he told readers at The Trek BBS. "While I admit the show isn't always airtight in this regard, we do try our best, and with "Regeneration," I paid very close attention to these issues. As a fan, nothing takes me out of an episode faster than an obvious contradiction with what's been established previously."

Responding to the perception that Picard had the first encounter with the Borg, he said: "There is a detail that seems to be often overlooked or forgotten: the Enterprise-D's encounter in J-25 was not the Federation's initial contact with the Borg," he explained. "It's made quite clear in [the season two episode 'Q Who?'] that the Borg wiped out several Federation and Romulan outposts along the Neutral Zone in the TNG season one finale (appropriately titled 'The Neutral Zone'). This fact seems to have been generally ignored in future episodes, but it is definitively established in 'Q Who?'

Sussman teased at what we could expect from the epsiode. "I've wondered what the Borg were doing so far from home in 'The Neutral Zone' and 'Q Who?' (in [Voyager's] 'Dark Frontier', we learn that the Borg were flitting around Federation space years earlier than we thought). What made them interested in our part of the galaxy? Did the Collective have some kind of 'inside information' about Earth or the Federation? Without giving too much away, I can safely say that 'Regeneration' will present one possible answer. At the very least, I hope it'll provide a little food for thought."

A number of fans subsequently responded, one even deciding to give writing tips to the Enterprise co-producer, in particular pointing out that Phlox should not be immune to the Borg. However Sussman explained this was incorrect. "I don't usually comment on rumors," replied Sussman, "but... Phlox is definitely not 'immune' to Borg nanotechnology. 'Nuff said."

Sussman's comments follow on from assurances last month from Enterprise consulting producer David A. Goodman, who told readers of the Trek BBS that rather than violating continuity the new story serves it (story).

The episode, written along with Phyllis Strong makes its US debut on 7 May.

Sussman's original post can be found in this thread at the Trek BBS.

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