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Trinneer Not Concerned About Ratings

By Caillan
April 22, 2003 - 6:58 AM

Connor Trinneer (Charles 'Trip' Tucker) said recently he doesn't pay heed to media reports about Enterprise's ratings declines, preferring to get on with the job of playing the NX-01's chief engineer to the best of his ability.

"Yeah, you read certain things...some articles that came out in the trade press were talking about the ratings from the pilot going down to where it's landed at now," Trinneer told Kenneth Hubbard in the latest issue of SFX (via the Great Link). "I don't read the trades, but I was told about them, and then I looked at it. And, y''s none of my business. I've got enough of my own business to worry about, getting through the day and doing my job productively and effectively."

Regardless of how Enterprise stacks up in terms of market shares, household viewing figures or the percentage of viewers in the 18-49 demographic, Trinneer said he's as pleased as punch with his Trek gig. "I've already won! I already got a great part to play for the amount of time that I'm going to be playing it. However long this goes, I've still won. I still get to play my craft and get better as an actor."

Trinner said he has similar feelings about the underwhelming box office performance of Star Trek Nemesis. "I liked Nemesis! I think that guy who played Shinzon rocked! Are we going to get a film? I don't know. Are we not going to get film — because Nemesis didn't do as well as it was supposed to? I don't know. I don't care. I have a lot to do, and I have to think of it that way."

After a 'shakedown cruise' in the show's freshman year — "The first year, like any actor, you're worried about doing well" — Trinneer said he's been able to stretch his creative wings in season two. "This year's been kind of freeing, in the sense that I'm comfortable at work, I'm comfortable about who I'm working with. Therefore, I think that I'm doing a better job, just because any time that you have nervous energy, it gets in your way. I go to work now and really feel as though I have the luxury to ply my craft without having the nonsense getting in my way — without me getting in my own way, I guess. So I've felt a little more in control of my craft this year."

As for what season three may hold, the actor had this to say: "Well, this year has been a lot more character driven, and I think that'll continue to be the case. Again, I have to say I don't know this for sure. I think that we're going to begin the see the arc of the show a bit more. I think that the temporal cold war is going to start to come more into play, and we're going to find, y'know, our friends and neighbours.

"And our nemesis," he said, laughing. "No pun intended!"

The full interview is available in issue 104 of SFX, out now. Alternatively, excerpts can be found at the Great Link.

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