McNeill Reveals Favourite Voyager Is 'Threshold'

By Christian
April 22, 2001 - 10:23 PM

'Threshold' has always been one of the episodes Voyager fans have loved to hate, pointing at its rather unique interpretation of what happens when you reach Warp 10. For Robert Duncan McNeill, it has just always been one of the episode he has loved.

"I really like 'Threshold', the Warp Ten episode where I turn into a lizard," McNeill told Gregory L. Norris and Laura A. Van Vleet at the Trek Galaxy. "Most of the fans hated it. I don't care. I really liked it."

"Yeah, I got to play the Elephant man, or Frankenstein in that one," he went on. "I just saw a picture the other day that showed the moment when my tongue falls out. It was just so much fun to play this disgusting, wonderful transformation. Because I don't work with prosthetics all the time, it was really very transforming for me as an actor as well. The whole thing, to have the prosthetics to work behind and to try to fight through, it allowed me a lot of freedom to do things Tom Paris usually couldn't do under normal circumstances. I like that episode."

McNeill also liked many of the episodes this year, and thought it had been a fun year for Tom Paris. "What they've finally decided to do with Tom and B'Elanna was really bold, but also a great choice. Really a lot of fun for the fans, and a lot of fun for us to play the very rapid progression of this relationship from the verge of breaking up at the beginning of the season to now being married and having a family."

The final episodes will also be featuring Paris, though not as heavily. "I've been very busy, but there has been no Tom Paris show, per se, at the end," McNeill said. "We've got this pregnancy with B'Elanna happening, so there will be a resolution with that. Like I was saying about the cast and actors, we're like one solid unit. So I feel the same in terms of the last shows. I've been very involved and very busy, and a lot of the last episodes are real ensemble shows, three or four characters trapped on a planet from some away mission. It's been very nice, with not too much pressure that I've felt overwhelmed at the end."

Finally, McNeill gave away the news he had tried so hard to keep secret at the Voyager wrap party (story). "I've definitely been in there and I've been busy, and I'm looking forward to our baby being born before the final episode."

For more from McNeill, including his thoughts on his sliding helm chair, his recollections of a Voyager christmas party, and some info on his directing, please click here for the full article at TrekGalaxy. The article contains the news that McNeill's film '9mm of Love' will air on the Sci-Fi Channel on Sunday the 29th of April, as part of its 'Exposure' series.

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