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By Christian
April 22, 2001 - 9:52 PM

Last week, Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) appeared on both 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' and the 'Rosie O'Donnell Show,' talking about everything from the next series to the Voyager finale to her Borg costume. Digitised clips of both appearances are available online now. has put up RealVideo clips of both shows, including mirrors to combat the site's recent bandwidth problems. Most interesting was probably Ryan's visit to Conan O'Brien, where she has already appeared several times in the past.

Though part of the conversation dealt with Star Trek, O'Brien began by talking about how people experience so few really special things as they grow older, and asked Ryan if she had recently received a gift that really blew her away. Ryan didn't need to think long, and began to talk enthusiastically about a gift her boyfriend (Series V co-creator Brannon Braga) had gotten for her. "Yes, actually, last year! My boyfriend got me... oh, this shows how geeky I am... tickets to Styx and REO Speedwagon in concert."

The audience laughed, and Ryan continued, "And I was so excited! That was my best birthday gift ever!" Seeing O'Brien's skeptical and slightly scared look, she laughed, and confirmed she was a big fan of Styx and REO Speedwagon. "Oh, yes, I am a total 80s-music geek. I love them! I was on my feet the whole time. It was me and three of my friends, and I never sat down, and they were all kind of going, 'Oh gee.' [...] And I was singing full voice, shrieking at the top of my lungs. I was so into it!"

O'Brien and Ryan continued to chat about music, with Ryan relating another tale about how she was recently absolutely star-struck to meet Sting. Then, however, O'Brien changed the subject from Ryan's obsessions to people obsessed with her - Star Trek fans. "So what's the plan," he asked, and proceeded to give a great Trekkie imitation. "because there are all these rumours floating around - you know how Star Trek people are. They go crazy, they're all saying like 'What will be the next series? I muuust know! What will become of Jeri Ryan's character, Seven of Nine, she originates on the planet Gleeble-Glabble-Gloo."

The conversation continued to deal with the next series for a while. "There have been all kind of rumours, yes. About my character being spun off into a new series, which is not true. About DeForest Kelley being in the next series, who is deceased," Ryan said, sounding faintly disgusted. The audience began to laugh, and Ryan joked, "That would be quite the casting coup."

The two went on to joke about the Original Series actors again, before turning to 'Star Trek: Voyager' and the Borg make-up. Please head over to MediaTrek to download the full 8-minute, 8-MB RealVideo clip, which really is pretty funny.

A day later, Ryan appeared on the 'Rosie O'Donnell Show,' which due to O'Donnell recovering from surgery was hosted by Barbara Walters. Walters began by showing us a clip from the upcoming episode 'Friendship One,' in which the Voyager crew encounters the survivors of a nuclear war that they believe was caused by weapons from Earth. A transcript of the clip can be found below:

[Seven of Nine enters sickbay, hands a container to the Doctor.]
Seven of Nine: "I've extracted the nanoprobes."
The Holodoc: "I'll begin reprogramming them."
[Seven moves to console, looks at an alien on a biobed, visibly suffering from radiation disease.]
Alien: "Nanoprobes?"
Seven: "Microscopic machines. Hopefully they'll help us repair your damaged tissue."
Alien: "You said you extracted them. From where?"
Seven: "My bloodstream. They maintain my cybernetic implants."
Alien: "Nanoprobes. Cybernetic implants. Are others on your crew like you?"
Seven: "No. I am unique."
Walters said that O'Donnell had wanted to interview Jeri Ryan because she was a big fan of the show, but unfortunately she herself was not very familiar with the show, as could be clearly seen in the interview. Still, Walters asked an interesting question about Ryan's youth as an army brat, wondering if that was difficult for her as a child.

"Yeah, it was very tough, especially for a child," said Ryan, though it had also helped her later on in her life. "Now I can look back and realise how much I gained from it. Especially as an actor, because the life of an army brat sort of lends itself to the life of an actor. It's a very nomadic lifestyle. You're always the new kid, you have to learn to get the lay of the land really quickly, see what flies with the new school and the new group of children. [...] So you learn to be very pleasant and very outgoing, very open to new situations."

After earlier already expressing amazement at Ryan's costume, Walters asked what her father, a military man, thought of the role. Ryan smiled and said, "My father carries around newspaper clippings in his wallet, and gives them to anybody he talks to. He doesn't have to know them, there's no such thing as a stranger to my father. So he carries around pictures and clippings and things like that, so he is very proud."

Other topics Ryan talked about included her first Star Trek convention and also the Seven of Nine action figures. To download that clip, which runs for 5 minutes and conversely also has a file size of 5MB, again head over to Media Trek.

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