News Bullets

By Christian
April 22, 2000 - 4:19 PM

  • According to a news article at UltimateTV, UPN will be resurrecting all its failed shows of the season near the end of May to air the remaining new episodes they still have. May 26 will see the return of 'Shasta McNasty', 'I Dare You' and 'Secret Agent Man', while 'Dilbert' will return on the 30th of May.

  • In yesterday's edition of the DVD Resource, Steve Tannehill wrote about the lack of DVD support by Paramount, also looking at the history of Paramount DVD releases (including Star Trek). Thanks go out to Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga for this!

  • Cinescape is reporting that Lost Boys Studios Inc. has been selected as the lead Visual Effects studio for the upcoming 'Andromeda' show. The studio is promising "a unique CG created design for the title ship as well as a number of other facets of the series including fighter ships, aliens, androids and black holes."

  • has put up a lenghty description of 'Preserver', the upcoming Original Star Trek novel by William Shatner (James T. Kirk). Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for this!

  • These were actually yesterday's bullets, but I forgot to put them up then. My apologies for this!

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