Spiner To Have Speaking, Off-Screen Role In Finale

By Christian
March 22, 2005 - 11:00 PM

Brent Spiner (Data) revealed this weekend he will have a minor off-screen part in the Enterprise series finale, "These Are The Voyages..."

Spiner made his comments during the Vulkon Orlando science fiction convention, which was also attended by several Stargate SG-1 and X-Files actors. According to TrekToday reader Dale, Spiner said he will be speaking four lines in the finale, which were written by himself.

The Enterprise series finale will guest-star Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), and has been rumored to take place partially during a specific Next Generation episode. Presumably, Spiner's speaking role means Data will be heard over a communicator in one or more scenes.

In addition to his cameo in the Enterprise finale, Spiner also discussed his role on the new Brannon Braga series Treshold. The SyFy Portal's Michael Hinman sent along word that Spiner revealed he will be playing a doctor, and that he will have a smaller, but recurring role.

"These Are The Voyages..." is scheduled to air on the 13th of May. If picked up for a full series, Treshold will likely debut this fall.

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