Picardo's Still In Outer Space

By Michelle
March 22, 2004 - 7:09 PM

Robert Picardo may no longer be a regular on a weekly science fiction series, but he's still involved in the genre, he told fans last week.

The actor, who reprises the character of The Doctor in Borg Invasion 4-D at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, attended the event's opening and spoke to both Sci Fi Wire and TrekWeb.

"It was fun just to shoot a phaser, because I barely ever got to shoot a phaser on Voyager," said Picardo of filming the Borg attraction. "It's fun for me. I don't usually get to be an action guy."

That may change when Picardo returns to Stargate SG-1, as he told Sci Fi Wire. His character, Woolsey, "starts to feel that maybe he's been the henchman of an evil character", and may turn on his boss.

"It's always nice to play a sympathetic character, especially to go from a character who seems to be very creepy and evil at first, and then to have his conscience transformed," he said.

In Borg Invasion 4-D, meanwhile, his character is running a medical research project which comes under attack by a Borg cube that "assimilates" visitors.

Playing the Doctor, said Picardo, was like "visiting an old friend.

TrekWeb noted that Picardo also mentioned two movie projects in development, including one that he and a Star Trek actor from a different series would be pitching to the Sci Fi Channel. He will also appear on an upcoming episode of The West Wing.

Sci Fi Wire's coverage of Picardo may be found here and here. TrekWeb's is here.

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