ET Voyager Finale Segment Now Online

By Christian
March 22, 2001 - 2:21 AM

Jeri Ryan on ET - courtesy Voyager hyping season officially begun on Wednesday, when Paramount's own 'Entertainment Tonight' show aired a two-minute segment on the filming of the Voyager finale.

For now, much of the hype still seems to be focused on Voyager in general rather than the actual finale, which was labeled "top-secret" by ET. Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) confirmed this, saying that Paramount is "giving scripts very secretively. [...] They're sending home revisions under armed guard practically!"

Still, a few tantalising hints did make it to the ET segment. In one brief finale clip set on the finale, Chakotay is shown asking "What is it?", with Janeway answering "Judging from the tachyon emissions, some sort of temporal rift." This would seem to fit in with recent reports that stated at least part of the finale would be set in the future.

At the time the segment was filmed, Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) had just finished reading the script, and she said she thought the fans would be "unsettled by what the writers have come up with, which is profoundly clever and very moving." She continued, "I just read that final scene. That will be a diabolical day for me. If I get through that, I'm stronger than I think I am. Very hard — very hard to say goodbye."

Someone else who will find it very hard to say goodbye is Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine). "I'll miss these people!" she told 'Entertainment Tonight'. "I've been with these people for four years, they've been together for seven. And you really do become like a family, because you see them more than your family, you're here for so many hours a day. And I don't think I've ever laughed as much as I did working on this show. And people that you really, really like, but you don't know that you'll be able to see each realistically. You can't keep in touch with everybody, you can't see everybody, and that's kind of sad. And I'll miss the character, she's been a joy to play, a real gift as an actress."

More from the 'Entertainment Tonight' segment can be found online now, as MediaTrek has put up a RealVideo version of the feature, and Section 31 has put up an AVI version. In addition, on the official 'Entertainment Tonight' site an extended version of the interview with Jeri Ryan is available in Windows Media format. Thanks go out to Section 31 for the above image!

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