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By T'Bonz
February 22, 2008 - 5:29 AM

Hello World!

Don't you love those rare days when all the cards fall your way? Today was one of those days for me. I had unexpected good luck for all of the day.

Of course, thus far this year, I've had a lot of bad days, so I was past due. But even so, it's sweet and I'll savor the goodness of the day.

I had four good things happen today. The first that was the little stray ferret we found last night was claimed by her owner, our next door neighbor. We had been out looking at the eclipse when she wandered up to us. I had no clue what she was, and once we got her safely into the garage, I googled a picture of both ferrets and weasels. I also did a crash course on ferret care. She was a cute ferret, but she really belonged with her owner. I had put up nine flyers and the owner saw one of them. I guess that fifteen minutes walking around the neighborhood in the heat and humidity paid off. I love a happy ending.

The second good thing was that a booklet to a DVD set that I valued and had lost a few weeks ago was found today. It was wedged beneath my couch. It is now back where it belongs, in the DVD set box.

I got to go out to dinner tonight unexpectedly, to a German restaurant. I love eating out and that place has fantastic food. Coupled with that was good news from a relative with whom I dined.

The last and best piece of good luck was that a necklace, for which I had been searching for WEEKS, was finally found today. I am one of these persons who hate losing anything. It drives me crazy. So finding it was very gratifying. I had done a great deal of work to find it, including finally cleaning out years worth of junk from dressers and nightstands.

So today was a fantastic day. I've been sitting around with a silly grin since I found that necklace. The day is over now, as the clock just struck midnight. It was probably my best day all year.

Here's hoping you have a fantastic day. But a word of advice. If you hide something, be sure and make yourself a note as to where you've hidden it. You'll save yourself a lot of grief. Unless you wish to have an excuse to clean house.

Jolan Tru,

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from February 2006:

  • Keating, Combs Join 'The Attackmen'
    Enterprise's Dominic Keating (Reed) stars in a short film, The Attackmen, with Jeffrey Combs (Shran, Weyoun), that has a script written by The Next Generation writer Shari Goodhartz.

  • Coto Compares 'Enterprise' and '24'
    "It's been quite a challenge going from a show like Enterprise to Andorians!" wrote Star Trek: Enterprise executive producer Manny Coto, "but it's also been an extremely rewarding year."

  • 'Babylon 5' Star And Trek Guest Katsulas Dies
    Babylon 5 star Andreas Katsulas, who appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Enterprise, died this week of lung cancer.

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Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

How Do You Feel About Star Trek XI being delayed?
Good. There's more time to do it right 41.1% - (291 Votes)
I'm mad! How dare they! 25.8% - (183 Votes)
Who cares? It'll come out eventually. 18.5% - (131 Votes)
I can't talk about it. I'm that depressed! 8.4% - (60 Votes)
Huh? It's going to be delayed? 4% - (29 Votes)
Someone online is going to pay for this. 1.8% - (13 Votes)

Total Votes: 708

Happy Birthday!

Friday, Feb 22 Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
Saturday, Feb 23 Majel Barrett (Number One, Christine Chapel, Lwaxana Troi)
Tuesday, Feb 26 Chase Masterson (Leeta)

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