Curtis Reflects On Star Trek Experiences

By Michelle
February 22, 2006 - 10:43 PM

Though she took over the role of Saavik from another actress and described the mood on the set of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock as somber, Robin Curtis said that she found the original series cast very welcoming of her and kind to her.

In an interview at The Future and You, Curtis said that after Paramount and Kirstie Alley failed to come to terms for The Wrath of Khan actress to reprise the role of Saavik, "I went in and I met the casting people at Paramount, and I had a very nice, congenial meeting." They arranged for her to meet with Leonard Nimoy (Spock), who was directing the film and who she says gave her "a lot of input" on playing a Vulcan.

"I'm not the least bit Vulcan, nor is there anything wry about me, which is a word that he used often," Curtis explained. "I'm not the least bit logical, and emotional is my middle name, so to be unemotional was a bit of a challenge. But he guided me every step of the way." Wearing the ears was not a problem for her - their removal was the most difficult aspect.

The rest of the cast, Curtis added, were "lovely people" who have "always been there to give me extend some encouragement or a supporting word." Though William Shatner "kind of remained separate from everyone and elusive, somewhat", she called the other cast members "just great people, approachable and friendly." She later donned the ears again on The Next Generation as a Vulcan mercenary in "Gambit Part I and II". The community she felt with the performers and fans remains her favourite aspect of her association with Star Trek: "It's been a real enrichment to my life."

The full interview may be listened to as an MP3 here.

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