Trek X Is A 'More Balanced Film,' Says McFadden

By Caillan
February 22, 2002 - 6:26 PM

'Starburst Issue 51' photo - copyright Visual Imagination

Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher) hasn't had as much screen time as some of her co-stars in the TNG feature films, but the actress says the upcoming 'Star Trek: Nemesis' showcases the entire crew.

"The story is interesting and they manage to use all of the characters well," McFadden told Starburst's Nick Joy. "In the same way that 'First Contact' was good for all of us as a cast, I think that 'Nemesis' is a more balanced film."

'Nemesis' will also provide Captain Picard with a strong villain to go head to head with. "Jean-Luc Picard really does meet his match in this film, which is great," the actress said. " I enjoyed filming it, and I think John Logan wrote a really good script."

It's been four years since the TNG crew were last on the silver screen, but McFadden thinks the finished film will be well worth the wait. "I think [the delay] was all around matching schedules, getting the money and all of those normal things involved in making a movie," she said. "Sure, it took a long time, and that's my personal recollection, but I certainly think that it was good to wait a while. You need the time to get a really good script together."

The actress felt 'Insurrection' may have suffered because it was released only two years after 'First Contact.' "I didn't think it was so strong," she said. "It was a little quick after 'First Contact,' but that really is just a personal opinion. By comparison, I thought that 'First Contact' was a really solid 'together' script; I loved the story. I wasn't as wild about 'Insurrection,' but I've talked to many people who loved it. So, there you are."

To read the full interview, pick up Starburst Special No. 51, out now in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, extracts can be found here at the Starburst web site.

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