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Robert Beltran's 'Erroneous' Love-match

By Amy
February 22, 2001 - 9:09 PM

Once again this week, Paris/Kim relationship site, P/K All the Way has posted a digitised version of Wednesday’s UPN 9 news post-Voyager interview, this week with Robert Beltran, who plays Chakotay.

The clip itself includes quite a bit off footage from next week’s episode, 'Workforce', while the Beltran interview focuses, as did the recent Jeri Ryan interview, on another upcoming episode, 'Human Error'. Unsurprisingly, Beltran seems quite happy about the episode which will see a hologram of his character and Seven of Nine have a pseudo-romance. Something else of interest is that the episode appears to have evolved out of a joke between Ryan and Beltran after the actress hooked up with current boyfriend Brannon Braga. Beltran also appears to be hopeful of an actual romance between the characters of Chakotay and Seven and may get his wish, if speculation about recently announced episode 'Natural Law', which will see the two character stranded together on a primitive world, has any bearing on reality.

For those of you without the bandwidth to spare or who are having trouble obtaining the clip, we’ve provided a detailed transcript below. The clip itself and the original transcript, in addition to a few screen caps, of it can be found here at P/K All the Way as a roughly 1MB real media file.

Announcer: The love scenes aboard Star Trek: Voyager are heating up. Tonight Pat Collins tells us about a love triangle and what it means to the show.

Pat Collins: The Voyager producers have set March 7 for the anticipated love match between Seven of Nine and Chakotay. The romance came as a pleasant surprise to actor Robert Beltran. His character and Seven have not even been best friends.

[One Small Step – in the shuttle craft]
Seven: In all probability we won't survive.
[Shot of Chakotay – injured]
Chakotay: Point taken. Now why don't you continue without the attitude.
[Seven and Chakotay exchange looks. Seven looks away first and then hands Chakotay a PADD]

Pat Collins: What's been cool and professional between Seven and Chakotay will be hot and personal come March. He's had a few passionate moments in seven years but never with a cast member.

[Chakotay kisses AOTW]
[Chakotay and Janeway talking as they walk down a corridor]
Robert Beltran: A lot of fans - they have always been pushing for Janeway. I was always sort of ambivalent about that one for various reasons. Seven of Nine coming on board led me to hope, maybe there will be some kind of romance. There has been very little for Chakotay.
[On the bridge, Janeway extends her hand to Chakotay who’s sitting in the XO’s chair]
[Robert Beltran talking to the camera – out of uniform but with the tattoo]

Pat Collins: His love life remained on hold and when Jeri Ryan began dating Star Trek's long time executive producer, Brannon Braga, Beltran figured love scenes with Jeri would be totally off-limits.

[Chakotay on the bridge- walks up behind Paris at the helm console]
[Again in ‘One Small Step’, Seven and Chakotay discussing debris]
[Voyager end credits]
[Short clip of Brannon Braga]
[Chakotay and Seven again]
Robert Beltran: I remember having a conversation with her and I said I guess, I guess now that you're with Brannon, there won't be any Chakotay/Seven of Nine kissing scenes. We can throw that out the window that idea out the window. She said, "I'm going to tell him what you said." I said, "Tell him. Tell him. Maybe he'll take me up on the challenge." It took a long time.
[Robert Beltran talking to the camera]

Pat Collins: About that episode, Robert can say no more. About next week's episode, I can tell you Chakotay is wounded attempting to rescue the captain and the Voyager crew members from an alien work camp. His colleagues have no memories of their former lives.

[Chakotay injured and being pursued]
[Cut scenes of Janeway]
[Zoom in on a panel displaying information on Tuvok]
[Screen changes to display shots of the Voyager crew who’ve been captured]
[Janeway talking to Chakotay in her quarters on the planet]
Janeway: Why did you call me "Captain"?
Chakotay: Because that's who you are.

Pat Collins: In part two of the episode which began tonight, Janeway and her lover take the next step.

[Zoom out to see the full room – Chakotay sitting on a chair while Janeway paces around him]
[Janeway and Jaffen kiss]
[Janeway and Chakotay (with alien makeup) talking in an open gathering place]
Janeway: We celebrated.
Chakotay: What's the occasion?
Janeway: I've decided to move in with Jaffin.
Chakotay: Congratulations.

Pat Collins: Janeway's intimate relationship fulfils one of Kate's wishes for her character. And Kate has one more wish.

[Janeway snuggles up against Jaffen]
Kate Mulgrew: More specific confrontations with the senior staff. As to their personality discrepancies and traits that might annoy Janeway. A kind of cathartic confrontation with each of them which we have never seen her do. Simply about their personal dynamics. "B'Elanna why do you always do that? You know that's always irritated me." Or "Seven, could you just relax and live your life?"
[Snippets of footage from various episodes]
[Kate Mulgrew (in uniform) talking to the camera]
[More cut scenes]
[Workforce – Seven enters a workroom occupied by man (Lt. Carey??)]
Seven: Status of employee 8583.
Alien: Maybe it's different where you come from, but here it's polite to say good morning.

Pat Collins: Next week's episode was directed by Roxann Dawson.

[B’Elanna reading a document/looking at a photo while Neelix looks on.]
Roxann Dawson: I always think that we could take more risks than we're taking and yet I think this is one of the few shows on television that takes a lot of risks but I love pushing that envelope. We can put a moral spin on them. We can have opinions, and I think that we should do that. I think we should do that more. We shouldn't be afraid to.
[Dawson talking to the camera – in uniform]
[Clip from ‘Prophecy’ – B’Elanna hands Tom a bat'telh]
[External shot of Voyager]

Pat Collins: Next week, we'll examine how the Voyager creative team might push the envelope in the remaining episodes before the top secret final show in May. I'm Pat Collins, UPN 9 News.

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