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Trek Teaser Welder On Working On 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
January 22, 2008 - 11:24 PM

Shooting the teaser required real welding ability, claims welder seen in the Star Trek XI teaser.

As reported at, one of the faces seen in the Star Trek XI teaser trailer is that of a welder, and he wasn't just pretending to weld.

When Anthony Vitale went in on an interview, he was unaware that the film listed as "Corporate Headquarters" was code-speak for Star Trek XI. What was even more of a surprise was being asked if he knew how to weld. Fortunately for Vitale, before acting, he had been both a carpenter and a welder.

"The very first frame of film for principal photography on the teaser trailer was my close-up with the goggles on," said Vitale. He went on to explain the scene. "There was real steel there for the welding. I was using a genuine welding tool, specifically it was a mig welder. The technical term for that type of welding is gas metal arc welding. I was actually standing on concrete and there were some special effects going on behind me but the sparks that you guys see in front of my face, those are real. I was actually welding."

Vitale does not know if the teaser scene will be in the final film, but there was "mention" of him being brought back for the principal photography phase of the film itself, in a different role.

To read the article, head to the link located here.

In other Star Trek XI news, the official Star Trek XI site has a few more goodies. On the main page, next to the words "Under Construction", there is a small red dot. Clicking on the red dot takes one to another page, where there are four camera shots. Three of the cameras read "online" and when the small counters are adjusted by moving the slider bar to make the percentages go to one hundred percent, three pictures of welding will appear. Camera three however, remains offline, but if one is patient and waits a few moments, an image will appear for several seconds. The image is that of a redesigned corridor of the new Enterprise and can be seen here. Thanks to Chris White for the tip!

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