Trinneer Suggests Deepening Of Trip/T'Pol Relationship

By Kristine
January 22, 2004 - 6:11 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise's Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) promised a change in the Trip/T'Pol relationship when he spoke at UPN's winter press preview.

Sci Fi Wire reported that Trinneer hinted at surprises coming for his character and Enterprise's resident Vulcan. "There's a relationship there that, again, will change," he said of the pair, who have recently grown close during Vulcan neuropressure therapy sessions that are helping Trip sleep at night. "Whatever's going on now in that relationship, I think that relationship is going to have so many different levels," Trinneer commented. "I think that relationship is going to go all over the place."

Trinneer made no guarantees about what exactly would happen between the characters. He noted that the writers have been keeping everyone guessing where T'Pol's affections lie. "They kind of, I think, just throw s--t at us, because it's like, 'Hey, maybe she's in love with the captain, that's great. Wait, let's see what they do. See what happens,'" he said.

Trinneer also expressed enthusiam for the third season's storyline, which has pitted the crew of the Enterprise against the Xindi, a species that is developing a superweapon to destroy Earth. He praised the quality of the episodes: "I think it starts with story," he said. "You get a consistency in the stories being of high quality, and you get one and then another and another, and you start to feel like you're building momentum."

Trinneer is also excited about where the third season's arc is leading. "It's... helpful to have an arc that you're doing for the whole year, which helps you, I think, build momentum," he said. "So you start from a place and hopefully build up steam to tell that story and its climax." Though he didn't reveal what that climax would be, he did say, "I think we're building to a climax of this season that I think will be really cool."

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