'Enterprise' UK Video Revealed

By Lisa
January 23, 2002 - 3:50 AM

'Enterprise 1.1' box art - courtesy Amazon UK, copyright Paramount Pictures Not content with exploring the far reaches of outer space, the crew of the NX-01 are about to explore a new destination - the British video charts. The first image of the cover art was released today.

The series' first appearance on video will be released on March 4th and will comprise the two-hour Enterprise pilot episode, 'Broken Bow'. From now on, the video can be pre-ordered by following this link to Amazon.co.uk, or this link to Amazon.de.

Enterprise debuted three weeks ago in the UK on cable and satellite subscriber channel Sky One. An air date for the episode on network television is not yet available, and buying the video editions will be the only way many fans will be able to see the latest Trek series for many months.

The second Enterprise video tape will be released a month later, on April 8th. It will include 'Fight or Flight' and 'Strange New World'. A new tape featuring two new episodes will be released every month.

Also available to buy next month will be the first opportunity for terrestrial UK viewers to see the Voyager series finale, 'Endgame.' The episode will be released on one cassette on February 4th. The cover art can be viewed by following this link to Amazon UK.

Fans may now pre-order these episodes on video to receive them when they are released, and support TrekToday in the process. 'Enterprise Volume 1.1' and '1.2' are priced at £12.99, while Voyager volume 7.13 is £11.99. In addition, visitors from continental Europe can pre-order the 'Enterprise' and 'Endgame' videos from Amazon.de. Please note that these items are in PAL format and will not play on most US video recorders.

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