2001 Trek Christmas Ornaments

By Amy
January 22, 2001 - 3:51 PM

Hallmark.com has released details of this year's Star Trek ornaments set. There will be four ornaments this year – or, more accurately, 6, comprising figurines of Captain Benjamin Sisko (played by Avery Brooks), Q (played by John de Lancie), Deep Space Nine itself and a set of three mini-ornaments, one each of the USS Defiant, the Enterprise E and Voyager, which are designed to be hung from the Deep Space Nine piece.

The Sisko ornament was sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers and is selling for US $14.95, while the Q figurine is of blown glass, designed also by Anita Rogers, but selling for $24.00. The Deep Space Nine, which comes complete with sound and lighting, is selling for $32.00 and was sculpted by Lynn Norton, who also designed and sculpted the three figurines in the Starfleet Legends mini-set, which is retailing for $14.95.

Unfortunately, external linking to Hallmark product pages has so far proved impossible, so to find these ornaments, you'll need to go to the Hallmark main page and then follow the links to first the Dreambook 2001 page, and then the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harley Davidson product section. We've included the three published photos of the ornaments below – unfortuatly one for the Q glass figurine has yet to be released. For those interested in the ornaments from last year, the Seven of Nine and Worf figurines can be found at the Keepsake Ornaments 2000 sale. We'd like to give Holly Kim Wilson a big thank-you for this information!

this image is copyright of Hallmarkthis image is copyright of Hallmark this image is copyright of Hallmark

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