Braga Crosses Final 'Threshold'

By Michelle
December 21, 2005 - 7:49 PM

Had Threshold not been cancelled, former Star Trek executive producer Brannon Braga revealed that each of the main characters would have been taken on "a staggering emotional journey."

Speaking to iF Magazine, Braga said that what excited him about the original idea by producers David Heyman and David Goyer were the "morally gray things" the team would have to grapple with. "I thought that was great," he explained. "You could go into the eye of the storm of that conspiracy, which is usually viewed from the outside, and see some of the things these people have to do to save the world, which nobody knows about."

Asked about the relationships among the major characters, Braga admitted, "There are romantic tensions between Molly [Caffrey] and Cavennaugh for sure. There is an inherent attraction there. There is also something going on with Ramsey...Ramsey is obviously into Molly." He added that an upcoming character, "a unique infectee", was meant to have had "a very interesting romantic subtext" with Caffrey as well. Pegg's not-yet-seen fiancee was meant to become a recurring character angry at not being allowed to see her husband during a breakdown.

Braga said that William Mapother's character Gunnison would have returned in Molly's nightmares and that Catherine Bell was going to be introduced as a new team member - a genetic engineering expert brought in to determine what the aliens were trying to do to human food supplies.

"As the season goes on we're going to be getting deeper into the characters," he said. "It has always been the human factor that has been most important in this show...we want deeper better characters to come out of the things they’re fighting about, so it just isn't just a bunch of people running around with guns trying to stop the creatures." And as the number of infectees grew, the Threshold team would have dealt with mass breakouts and attempts to move the victims.

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