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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Michelle
December 21, 2004 - 6:12 PM

  • Scott Bakula's Papa's Angels, on which the Captain Archer actor served as co-producer as well as star, airs on Lifetime on December 24th.

  • The Los Angeles Times has a new article on Leonard Nimoy (Spock) in which he discusses the Jewish roots of symbolism he later incorporated into Vulcan ritual.

  • William Shatner (Kirk) talks about how his father-in-law helped inspire his portrayal of Denny Crane on Boston Legal in the Wichita Eagle.

  • And The American Film Institute cites Boston Legal as one of the non-traditional venues for comedy currently on television.

  • The Daily News gets Connor Trinneer's opinion on the Tucker Christmas tree ornament.

  • Sid City has a still of Alexander Siddig (Bashir) from Syriana.

  • SyFy Portal has an article on the continuing fallout from Tommy Boyd's radio criticisms of Star Trek fans and their responses.

  • Looking to meet and date that perfect Trekker? Check out Trek Passions, a site to help science fiction fans pair off.

  • Canada's CBC News has an article on a university course in Star Trek and another article on "The prequel is the new sequel which discusses Star Trek: Enterprise. Thanks to John.

  • Star Trek Collectible Updates reports that the version of "The Tholian Web" on the new complete DVD set is the first time the episode has been released in its entirety on DVD; the two-episode DVD from a few years ago contains a version that was trimmed in syndication.

  • TrekWeb has a review of the latest Star Trek: New Frontier novel, After the Fall.

  • TrekPulse has kicked off a week off festive updates with screencaps from Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Clues" and "First Contact".

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