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Bakula Remains Optimistic About A Fifth Season

By Michelle
December 21, 2004 - 5:50 PM

Scott Bakula expressed hope that UPN would renew Star Trek: Enterprise for a fifth year and called the show's upcoming arcs "complicated and intense, not to mention emotional", in a mid-season interview.

Speaking to TV Zone (transcribed at the TrekBBS), the man who plays Captain Archer said he tipped his hat to executive producer Manny Coto, whose script for the two-part season opener "Storm Front" set the tone for the show's fourth season and its multi-part storylines. "His script had some big ideas and we were able to pull them off," said Bakula. "Fans really enjoyed the Xindi arc, so there's been a commitment to do mini-arcs, or three-story acts. It also allows for more in-depth storytelling and character development."

Bakula said he was impressed as well by the upcoming trilogy featuring a number of original series aliens, as well as the return of Jeffrey Combs as the Andorian Shran, whom Bakula described himself as "lucky to be working again with." He called the "Storm Front" guest stars "a pleasure to work with" as well, and said he had greatly enjoyed working with The Next Generation's Brent Spiner on the three-part Augments storyline.

The actor discounted the love-interest aspects of "Home", focusing instead on the fact that Captain Hernandez was a kind of idealistic version of the man Archer was when he set out aboard Enterprise. "It's always an eye-opener when any of us holds a mirror up in front of ourselves and takes a good hard look," he observed. "Archer has travelled to places, both literally and figuratively, that he never thought he'd have to go." But he expected audiences to be more interested in the Vulcan storyline in "Home", which focused on T'Pol's visit with her mother and how her relationship with Tucker was affected by the arranged marriage that she was expected to complete.

As for the ratings problems that continue to plague Enterprise, Bakula prefers to focus on what's working well. "There's still plenty of character work and discovery that this cast can get into. So I'm excited," he said. "The TV's not the same as it was 11 years ago when Star Trek Voyager can't go around thinking that anything is automatic." He cited stronger numbers for UPN on Friday nights as a positive sign for the show's return.

The original article, which appears in issue 184 of TV Zone, has been transcribed at the TrekBBS. Thanks to Hoshi's sis for posting it.

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