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Wheaton Excited By 'Nemesis'

By Caillan
December 21, 2001 - 9:50 AM

Wil Wheaton (Wil Wheaton) recently talked about why he's so thrilled to have a cameo appearance in the next Star Trek film, 'Nemesis.'

"It gives me this sense of emotional freedom and this sense of major closure on the whole leaving-Star Trek issue," Wheaton told Entertainment Weekly. He added that he was "really, really, really excited" about his appearance.

The actor even made a suggestion about his character's looks. "I think it would be cool if Wesley's eyes would be all black to show that he has transcended the universe we live in."

Fellow TNG cast member LeVar Burton offered his own interpretation of the plot. "Um, the universe is in great peril," he laughed. "And the crew of the Enterprise has to come and save the day."

More seriously, Burton said "the 'nemesis' referred to in the title is a baaad boy. This is someone we've never met before."

The original article can be found here at Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to 'Captain Joe' for this!

As if Wheaton and Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) weren't enough to be going on with, 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer will also reportedly be making a cameo appearance in 'Nemesis.'

According to Corona Coming Attractions, Singer went to the Paramount lot yesterday for a costume fitting. The site reported that it did not yet know what character the director would be playing, nor whether he would have any lines in the film.

Singer directed Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) in 'X-Men,' and is also set to helm the film's sequel. Please note that this information has not been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until then should be treated as you would any other rumour.

The original report can be found here. Thanks to TrekWeb for this!

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