Zachary Quinto On Star Trek

By T'Bonz
November 21, 2007 - 10:55 PM

Zachary Quinto will grace the cover of a unique limited edition of 'FHM' available only in the Internet.

A special limited edition magazine featuring Zachary Quinto, star of Heroes and the upcoming Star Trek XI, is now available for preorder, with a limited run of three thousand copies from FHM. This special issue will only be available online and will not be sold in stores. Two photos from it may be seen here and here.

Quinto spoke recently with Empire, where he spoke about the boost to his career from playing science fiction related roles. "I was exposed to Star Trek when growing up," he explained. "I watched some episodes and a couple of movies, but I was never fanatical." He went on to explain that he wasn't dismissive of science fiction. "There's a core faith in the human condition that exists in a lot of science fiction, but in particular Star Trek and Heroes. And I don't think there's any mistake I'm aligned with that."

Meanwhile, more photos of Quinto as Spock have appeared online, including detailed close-ups of the actor, who is serious in some of the photos and smiling in others.

For information on the limited-edition copy of the FHM magazine featuring Quinto, go here.

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