First 'Cold Front' Review Appears Online

By Christian
November 21, 2001 - 11:12 PM

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A week before 'Cold Front' airs on television, the first review of this arc-based Enterprise episode has already appeared online.

The review, written by Mark A. Rivera at the Genre Television Reviews Page confirms that 'Cold Front' will continue the temporal cold war storyline first hinted at in 'Broken Bow'. The episode will take place four months after the events in the series premiere, and will see the return of the Suliban leader Silik.

According to the review, Silik is able to get on board the Enterprise by posing as part of a group of aliens invited by Captain Archer to tour the Enterprise. At about the same time, Enterprise crewman Daniels tells Archer he is not who he seems to be; he is, in fact, an operative from 900 years in the future who was sent by an agency charged with protecting the temporal prime directive. It is Daniels' task to prevent Silik and the Suliban's commander from the future from tampering with the natural flow of events.

Unfortunately, several complications arise as Archer tries to get to grips with this. T'Pol doesn't believe Daniels' story, as according to Vulcans time travel is impossible. In addition, it turns out that the Suliban's genetic changes allow them to blend in perfectly with other aliens, making it hard for the Enterprise crew to identify them. Luckily, there does appear to be at least one Enterprise 'crew member' who is able to detect the Suliban: Captain Archer's dog, Porthos.

In his full review, Rivera wrote that 'Cold Front' was "a terrific follow-up to the series premiere" and that it raised "the bar on the tensions regarding the mysterious 'Temporal Cold War'." Whether that is actually true is something viewers will be able to determine on the 28th of November, when the episode actually airs. For now, some info can already be found in Rivera's full review, while UPN itself will be releasing the episode's trailer following the airing of 'Fortunate Son' tonight.

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