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'Shattered' Script Available Online

By Amy
November 21, 2000 - 5:48 PM

Two days ago saw the appearance of a mystery 'Shattered' script, which vanished within the space of a few hours, leaving many skeptical of it's credibility. At the moment, the general consensus is that it was a well-crafted hoax. However, the mystery script has again turned up online, this time here at a site. Having read through it, I'm tempted to believe that this may in fact be the genuine article – set out in the correct format, it fits with everything we know of the plot of the episode so far, from Chakotay being hit by a temporal anomaly, to the death of Tuvok, Chakotay leading a pre-Delta Quadrant Janeway around the future Voyager, to Seksa's return. Even if it is a fake, it's well crafted enough simply to be a good read on it's own.

The actual script can be found online here, while a synopsis is offered below. Again we would like to emphasize that we can not guarantee the validity of the following potential spoilers synopsis. For those that don't want to go the whole hock, we offer this:

  • We will see some time periods related to the following episodes: Caretaker I&II, Basics I&II, Macrocosm, Bride of Chaotica!, in addition to pre-season one and about 17 years from the current timeline.
  • We will encounter a completely borgified Seven
  • Tuvok will die in one scene
  • In the alternate future timeline, Janeway, Chakotay and Seven of Nine will all be dead.
  • There is one scene where Chakotay talks to the pre-delta Quadrant Janeway about their future relationship.


We start off in the Cargobay, with Icheb and Naomi Wildman working in a puzzle of humanoid DNA molecule. Icheb gives up trying to teach Naomi about genetics an instead starts to help her look for pieces when Chakotay enters, after a bottle of Antarian cider he's hidden in one of the containers. Icheb and Chakotay exchange secrets – Chakotay's cider and Icheb's dereliction of study (he's supposed to be writing a paper on trans-warp instability) and Chakotay exits.

The next scene is Janeway's quarters. Chakotay enters –late- with the cider, only to discover that Janeway's been having problems with the replicator saying – "Once... a long time ago... I called this Replicator a "glorified toaster." It never forgave me." The two have some cider and work on repairing the replicator – Chakotay notes the similarities between their work and Icheb & Naomi's puzzle. They talk about Icheb for a bit, but then the ship suddenly rocks and they go to red alert.

On the Bridge, Harry's in command of the nightshift and trying to deal with the problem. Janeway and Chakotay start heading there, but, when the warp core stars to de-stabilize, it's decided that the XO would be better off in engineering, while in Astrometrics, Seven determines the source of the problem – a spatial rift with high levels of neutrinos and chronoton particles. Janeway enters the bridge just as it becomes visible on screen as a cosmic 'fault line'. Shortly afterwards, it lets lose an enormous energy discharge which rips into Voyager's engineering section. In engineering, the tendril bursts out of the warp-core, striking Chakotay and knocking him to the deck. An external shot of Voyager reveals that it is suffering from a kind of patchwork effect – different parts of the ship are visibly out of temporal sync with each other. Back in engineering, Chakotay is suffering the same effects as the ship. Torres beams him to Sickbay.

Chakotay wakes up in Sickbay, where the Doctor informs him that he was in a state of temporal flux, with "the liver of an eighty-year-old man, and the kidneys of a twelve-year-old boy". The Doctor then explains that Chakotay was in a state of temporal flux and how the hologram managed to re-synch him using a technique that in the Alpha Quadrant would have earned him a prestigious award. They talk for a while about the anomaly before Chakotay decides he'd be better off elsewhere now that's he's well again. He stands, grabs a med-kit from a nearby console and tells the Doctor to come with him. What he doesn't realize is that he' back in season two – pre-mobile emitter for the Doctor who becomes increasingly confused while the commander realizes something is seriously wrong. He tells the EMH to stay in Sickbay while he heads for the bridge. In the turbolift, however, a wave of rippling distortion passes rapidly down Chakotay's body, as if he and the elevator are rising up through an invisible plane. As the distortion wave reaches his hands, the medkit he's holding suddenly disappears… A moment later, the lift stops, the doors open to reveal Voyager's bridge – PRE season one. Chakotay is almost immediately taken captive and questioned by Janeway – who recognizes him only as the Maqui rebel she's been sent to capture. She blames him for the problems they're experiencing (like in the other two time frames he's visited, the anomaly caused physical damage), calling him a saboteur and orders him taken to the brig. Chakotay is escorted by two security guards into the lift, but again encounters the displacement wave once it begins to descend – this time erasing the guards from the feet up.

He takes a moment to re-orient himself and then orders the turbolift to head to Engineering… but once he gets there, he confronts something completely un-expected – Kazon working to repair damaged systems… and Seska. We're back in season 3. Before he can say anything, he's hit over the head by the butt of a phaser compression rifle and knocked unconscious.

He awakens a short time later to discover he's being held by two Kazon in a chair. Seska removes a dangerous-looking Kazon device from the kit, moves toward him with it. He instinctively jerks away, but it's not a weapon – it's a dermal regenerator of some sort. This appears to be taking place during the episode 'Basics' – Seska is very concerned about how many of 'his people' are still left on board – we can assume they're having problems with the Doctor and Suder's attempts at sabotage. They trade barbs for a while before Chakotay agrees to give Seska the command codes – but uses the need to access a console to do it as a ruse to escape. He dis-arms one of his captors and then uses the purloined phaser to shoot the coolant tanks. He then uses this as a distraction to escape through another 'temporal barrier', leaving Seska and co to wonder exactly how he vanished into thin air – or, more accurately, over the top of a ladder.

We start act two in Sickbay, again in season two, with the Doctor pacing nervously around sickbay. He hears a noise from one of the jeffries tubes and, grabbing a phaser, draws himself up and attempts to sound commanding, ordering the intruder to surrender. It turns out to be Chakotay who asks for the stardate. This confirms his theory that the ship has been fractured somehow, and different parts of it seem to exist in different time periods. He briefly relates this to the Doctor and then asks if he can make up another batch of the serum that allows him to travel freely between timeframes. The Doctor says he thinks he can but wants to know why, so Chakotay tells him that he'll need help to pull the ship back together.

The next scene is the bridge, again pre-season 1. Chakotay steps out of the turbolift and is again confronted by Janeway who demands to know where her officers have gone. He tells her that "the Turbolift passed through a "temporal barrier."" And that "they couldn't get through." He then attempts to convince a highly skeptical Janeway that he is, in fact, from the future, using a number of tidbits of knowledge about the captain that only he could know – and only if they had been friends for several years. This, at least, gets Janeway to listen, for in the next scene in the ready room, we come in at the end of Chakotay's explanation. However, she still remains doubtful – believing there's a good chance that the serum is in fact a poison - so he's forced to take drastic action – pulling her put into a corridor under threat of injection, and the forcibly dosing her with the serum. He then yanks her backwards just before Rollins, the current XO, fires, causing both of them to disappear to him.

On the toher side of the barrier, Chakotay and Janeway look on as Rollins, who is completely oblivious to their presence, calls the bridge for assistance and begins scanning the area. Janeway and Chakotay wrangle briefly over who's in charge now – Janeway saying that she doesn't need him now she's inoculated. Chakotay, however, points out that without him, she'd be stepping into a future she knows nothing about. Chakotay then takes her to Astrometrics – on the way dropping the bombshell that he will one day be her XO. They talk a while about Astrometics and why they're going there – for the temporal scanners with which to scan the ship. They take a turbolift, and then pass through another barrier which leaves them in a corridor described as 'dark and spooky'. They come across a crewmember lying, unconscious on the floor. Chakotay scans him, and detects an active neurogenic field. "This could be the day the telepathic "pitcher plant" put us all into comas... or it might be the time aliens invaded our dreams…" he tells the worried Janeway. After assuring her that they got out of all those situations more or less intact, they continue, passing through another barrier and back into a normally lit corridor. Together they enter Astrometrics, to be confronted by two people neither of them recognize – they turn out to be the adult versions of Naomi Wildman and Icheb, who both look lie they've seen ghosts. In a way they have – both Captain Janeway and Chakotay are dead some 17 years in their timeframe.

Act Three comes straight back to Astrometrics, where all four begin to recover from their shock. We learn that Voyager has been split into 37 different timezones, and we also find out why it's happened – a "A chrono-kinetic surge interacted with the warp core" and ""shattered" the space-time continuum aboard the ship", according to Naomi and Icheb. They ponder briefly on how re-align everything then decided it's best to go and get Seven from another time frame – as again she's dead in this time-frame but knows more about temporal mechanics than any of them. Before they go, Naomi has a brief heart-to-heart with the Captain, whom she still idolizes, and Icheb tells Chakotay that he never told Neelix where the commander hid the cider.

In the next scene, we're back in 'Scorpion's completely borgified cargobay two. Chakotay introduces Janeway to Seven of Nine – who is still completely Borg – who reveals that the Borg are attempting to keep Voyager from becoming any more out of sync than it already is. She says it may be possible to force the ship back into temporal sync by installing a similar Borg technology throughout the ship, causing it to "return to the moment of the original chrono-kinetic surge". Since the surge lasted for six or seven seconds, "Chakotay would have a short time in which he could try to counteract the warp core reaction." They hit a snag however – experience has show that it's impossible to carry objects across the temporal barriers. Janeway, however, comes up with the idea of injecting the bio-neural gel packs with the serum and then using them to transmit the necessary chronoton field. Seven agrees, but then deems their plan unworkable since there are only two of them. Assimilation would be more efficient, according to her, but Janeway disagrees and she and the Commander beat a hasty escape. He then tells Janeway that she's going to develop quite a knack for dealing with the Borg, a thought which cheers her not at all.

Next stop to implement their plan is, of course, Sickbay, where Janeway meets the holographic doctor for the second time in her career. Unlike the first time, she seems rather impressed after he replicates the serum and a barrier-resistant sash-like wearable container for them. They talk a while, and the Doctor accidentally lets slip that Voyager will wind up stranded in the Delta Quadrant – despite Chakotay's attempt to prevent it.

The dynamic command duo set off again, after a another brief argument on whether or not to split up or go as a team – which Chakotay again wins. The dose the first set of gel packs, and then Janeway asks how many people she's lost, if she already lost the ship's real Doctor. He tells her that '[they'll] suffer casualties, like any other starship. But [they'll] gain new crewmen as well." She doesn't seem happy with this and asks how they wound up in the Delta Quadrant in the first place, but is interrupted by a low buzzing sound – they're back in 'Macrocosm'. Then, with the macroviruses in hot pursuit, they set off down the corridor again and pass through another temporal barrier. Janeway remarks rather accurately that "Sounds like it's going to be one disaster after another on this ship," prompting Chakotay to attempt to re-assure her.

In the next scene we're back in black – and white. 'Bride of Chaotica!' rides again without holodeck controls The duo exchange remarks about Paris's apparently rather unsophisticated tastes. They enter Chaotica's lair and begin to fell around for the access panel, but are stopped by Lonzac and one of 'Satan's Robots' who escort them to the man himself – who s rather put-out with Janeway, thinking her to be Queen Arachnia. Act Four picks up where this scene left off, with both Captain and Commander strapped to surgical tables. Left with no pother option save to play along, the reluctant Janeway does just this, making a halting attempt to get into character. She tells him that aliens from the 8th dimension have sabotaged his laboratory and manages to convince him to open the access panel, exposing the gel packs. Now convinced of her 'good intentions', Chaotica frees her, declares anew his love for her and then allows her and Chakotay to go and finish their job.

The following section is indicated as 'omitted', but here it is anyway. We're back in early season one – early enough, in fact, that none of the Maqui in the room they enter are in uniform. B'Elanna Torres is there, and she immediately wants to know why Chakotay is in a Star Fleet uniform. He says it's a long story, to which she replied she's not going anywhere. She doesn't accept his explanation of the temporal anomaly and accuses him of collaborating with the enemy – Janeway. There's a tense standoff, until the Commander convinces B'Elanna to stand aside and allow them access to the console they'd been blocking.

In the next scene, Janeway and Chakotay are walking down another corridor. Janeway is more that a bit concern, picking up that B'Elanna blamed her for stranding them in the Delta Quad. Chakotay tells her that she had good reasons for what she did - she was trying to save lives. The Captain is obviously not happy with this future decision of hers, remarking that "I'm going to choose to help strangers at the expense of our own people."

Again, we have a change of scene – this time it's the messhall and only a few days after the original incident. The messhall has been turned into a make-shift hospital, with Tom Paris as it's only Doctor. The crew has apparently been affected by radiation poisoning, caused when the EPS conduits overloaded when they ran into the anomaly. Unable to help, they let Paris get on with his work while they get on with theirs – locating the next panel in the Galley. There they're approached by Neelix, who offers the captain coffee – black of course. He becomes puzzled when she asks him how he knows how she takes her coffee, telling her that she hasn't changed her standing order in 7 years. They finish the job and are just about to leave when Janeway hears a familiar voice – it's Tuvok, barely alive. They approach and the Vulcan tells her it's been an honor serving with her – and being her friend. He tells her to "live long and prosper", and dies before help can arrive. Chakotay and Janeway slowly depart, heading for the nearest turbolift and deck 11. In the lift, Janeway tells the commander that she can't let it all happen again and wants to do something to prevent it - Voyager getting stranded, the deaths, the entire future. Chakotay tries to talk her out of it, unsuccessfully at first, but then, when he decides to tell her more about the future, about what will happen to Seven, B'Elanna and Tom Paris because of her. She thinks for a while and then asks if he'll be lecturing her for the next seven years. He tells her not to worry – he always lets her get in the last word, and with that they go back to work.

Next up, they must confront Seska, who, as you can imagine, they don't expect to be particularly receptive to their request. They go in ready to try diplomacy – but with a backup plan, just in case. In the next scene, Chakotay is again being held captive by the Kazon, as Seska examines the ampoules of serum. He says it's their best interests to work together, and apparently Seska agrees, ordering his release. She then allows him to access the first gel pack, and begins to administer the serum. After everything's set to go, we find out why Seska is so accommodating. Realizing that if Chakotay is from the future, then her attempt to take over the ship ultimately failed. She then begins to 'modify the plan', recalibrating the chronoton pulse to bring the ship into sync with *her* timeframe. She says that she wont kill him – if he's willing to make a fresh start of it with her. Chakotay tells her that that isn't the future he has in mind. Stung, she nods to one of the Kazon who points the phaser again at Chakotay's head. The fifth and final act is again first set in engineering, but from a different angle – looking down from the second tier, where Janeway, Paris and Kim are hiding. Paris and Kim vault over the railing, taking the Kazon by surprise as Icheb and Naomi rush in through the main doors. Janeway makes a stylish entrance via the elevator as Torres and a Maquis N.D. rush in from the Vertical Jefferies Tube to lend a hand. It's over in seconds, leaving only a cornered Seksa, who has somehow managed to capture the Captain. The Cardassian then orders the Voyager crew to put down their weapons, or Janeway dies. Unfortunately for Seska, Seven of Nine chooses that moment to make her entrance. Caught off guard, Seska fires at the Borg only to find the beam deflected by her personal forcefield. She calmly walks up and puts Seska in a 'choke hold' freeing the Captain.

Shortly later, we're back in engineering, still season three, and everything set to go. The crew disperses back to their original time-frames, save for the dynamic command duo, who share a moment in the room. In what could be a potent J/C scene, Janeway says "for two people who started off as enemies, it seems we get to know each other pretty well" and then pauses before adding "I've been wondering... just how close do we get?" Chakotay tales his time to answer, finally responding with: "Let's just say, there are… barriers we never cross." They shake hands and then go their separate ways.

The next scene is back on the pre-season one bridge, at red alert with Kim already back at his console. They begin the countdown to the initiation of the pulse, getting to three before we cut back to engineering where Chakotay initiates the pulse. Suddenly it's back to the present, with Torres and some N.D.s working nearby. Realizing that it's only seconds before the surge, Chakotay orders B'Elanna to "reroute main power to the deflector, and set the polarity to the frequency [he's] inputting". When she asks why, he asks her if she's ever heard of lightning rod, then going on to add that in a few second they're going to need one. She immediately begins to work on her console, while Chakotay Chakotay intently works his.

We then cut back to the bridge, where it appears exactly as it was in the teaser – Janeway has just entered while Harry is in her chair. He says main power's being rerouted to the main deflector dish, just as the 'fault line' again lets loose a tendril of energy, only this time it's attracted to the deflector dish instead of the hull and bounces harmlessly back into space.

Shortly later, Chakotay is back on the bridge with…or rather, without the explanation Janeway wants - he tells her ordered the B'Elanna to burn out the deflector dish, but refuses to answer why – telling her it would be a violation of the temporal prime directive. He then changes the subject, asking her if she'd like to finish their interrupted dinner. Again we change scene, though for the final time, to Janeway's quarters, where the two senior-most officers are in the middle of a conversation about lightning. Janeway asks her XO what would have happened if her hadn't turned their deflector dish into a lightning rod – and he again refuses to answer. She then remarks that it's odd that there is now a piece of his life she knows nothing about – he comments that it's not unlike the future. When asked for any predictions, the only one he'll make is that the bottle of Antarian cider will be empty in a few minutes. Janeway smiles and tells him to go and get another bottle from the Cargo Bay. Surprised, he asks her how she knew where he kept his little stash and she, turning the tables, refuses to answer, telling him with a mischievous grin that it'd be a violation of the temporal prime directive.

As usual, please treat the above as you would any rumour. None of the above has been officially confirmed by Paramount, and the above should be seen as no more than a rumour or a piece of fiction.

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