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G4 to Open 'Spock Market' to Episode-Specific Stocks

By Michelle
October 21, 2006 - 5:14 PM

G4 has changed its "Spock Market" in Star Trek 2.0 to include episode-specific IPOs and "Hot Chicks Inc.", Captain Kirk's female conquests.

The virtual stock market enables viewers to "buy" shares in various characters and elements of the original series, with a ticker running onscreen and on the web site during the weekend airings. New episodic stocks like TRB (Tribbles) will be available the Friday before reruns air, then de-listed the following Monday. The value of these stocks will depend on the action onscreen, so that the presence of tribbles will cause this particular stock to soar but their removal will make the stock value plummet.

In addition to Hot Chicks Inc. (HCI), a new permanent Soundtrack Generators, LLC (STK) stock will rise and fall depending on the use of background music onscreen. Features such as Trek Stats and Trek Facts will continue to run in Star Trek 2.0 as well.

G4 introduced the Spock Market to make watching old reruns an interactive game, allowing viewers who register at G4's web site and trade in stock based on characters and props used on the series. A real-time "stock ticker" on the right side of the screen shows whether the stocks are gaining or losing value over the course of the episode.

G4, which originally offered gaming-oriented entertainment for young male viewers, remains the #1 podcasted cable network in America. More information is available here.

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