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By Michelle
October 21, 2005 - 6:25 PM

Hello World!

It's finally autumn, my favorite season, so we spent last weekend enjoying the cool air and indirect sunlight. Saturday we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where we saw jousting, swordfighting, acrobatics, people juggling fire, a human chess game, sharpshooting with crossbows, the "dunk-a-wench" booth and the highlight, Fight School, which is mostly a demonstration of ancient martial arts like the kitana and the use of a belaying pin to fight off a pirate attack, but where the group has given a demonstration of the lirpa for the past couple of years to great applause. This year a "barfight" also erupted over one of the troupe accusing the other of being a graduate of the William Shatner School of Acting, a joke that never seems to get old!

On Sunday, in preparation for the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot which began two days later, we all went with our younger son's Hebrew school class to pick apples for the hungry and sing songs around a campfire at a local farm, where we also saw goats, pigs, turkeys, chickens, cows, ducks and the rest of the usual farmyard suspects. Some of the families stayed to take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to get proper raw material for a jack-o-lantern, but we are going pumpkin picking with my in-laws. On the ride there we got to see the National Planetary Radio Emissions Historic Site, dedicated on September 29th of this year, celebrating 50 years of planetary radio astronomy when two local professors discovered bursts of radio emissions from Jupiter and proved that a planet other than Earth had a magnetosphere.

Fall TV report: Am I the only one who thinks Pegg is never going to get married on Threshold since we've yet to see his fiancee? Still enjoying that show, though it needs to start making more scientific sense if a scientific ignoramus is snorting over the technobabble concerning the alien signal. On The West Wing, I will only say I knew it and have been yelling at him all season to tell her before she 1) figured it out herself or 2) got in trouble on his behalf. We skipped Desperate Housewives altogether, having really lost interest and not liking the characters, to watch Rome in its first airing, because really what can be more fun than Cleopatra as a conniving dirty girl? This week we did watch Veronica Mars, which also isn't as good as last season but at least I like several of the characters (and the lack of Charisma Carpenter this week was a definite plus). Commander in Chief continues to be very superficial politically and ideologically yet I think it's my favorite show on TV right now, I cannot resist a Boston Legal with Shatner dressed as a Minuteman, Smallville was pretty painful even with Aquaman this week. Ranking the series, "Space Seed" ends up the top three, and I think my kids would agree though they would insert SpongeBob and The Simpsons above several of mine.

Trek BBS Today

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-What if the TrekBBS staff moderated the world?

-What's happened to the superhero ethic where the good guy had to try to save everyone?

-Got any good Halloween pranks?

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from October 2003:

  • The Andorians To Return In 'Proving Ground'
    Enterprise's long-running Andorian and Xindi story arcs were scheduled to converge in the thirteenth episode of season three. Sources revealed the return of Shran, whose Andorian vessel encountered Enterprise in the Delphic Expanse and offered to assist the crew in an attempt to capture the test version of the Xindi weapon.

  • Nimoy: Spock Won't Be Back
    On a trip to Brazil, Leonard Nimoy told an interviewer that he had had little relationship with exec Rick Berman since declining a cameo in Star Trek: Generations, and said he knew of no plans to bring Spock back as a character. He also said that he had not discussed his friend William Shatner (Kirk)'s proposal for a new Star Trek series.

  • TV Revenues Boost Viacom Profit
    Television revenue rose 19 percent in the third quarter of 2003, boosting UPN owner Viacom to third quarter net profits. The corporation announced that strong advertising sales on CBS and its cable channels had overshadowed weaker performance by other divisions of the company.

More news can be found in the archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

Will you play Star Trek: Online?
No - online games don't interest me. 35.9% - (296 Votes)
I want to see the finished product before I decide. 28% - (231 Votes)
Yes - I'm a big gamer and this brings together two things I enjoy. 14.8% - (122 Votes)
Yes - I'm not a big gamer but this is Star Trek! 13.7% - (113 Votes)
No - Star Trek as an RPG doesn't interest me. 5.4% - (45 Votes)
Yes - I'm not that big a Trek fan but the game sounds really cool. 1.8% - (15 Votes)

Total Votes: 823

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Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow, October 22nd, is the birthday of Christopher Lloyd, who played Klingon Commander Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Sunday, October 23rd, is the birthday of Deep Space Nine executive producer Ira Steven Behr; Monday, October 24th is the birthday of F. Murray Abraham, Star Trek: Insurrection's Ru'afo, and John Winston, the original series' Lieutenant Kyle; and Thursday, October 27th, is the birthday of Star Trek: Voyager's Doctor, Robert Picardo.

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