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T'Pol's 'Mom' Finds Vulcan Ears Sexy

By Michelle
October 21, 2004 - 5:54 PM

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Actress Joanna Cassidy, known to TV audiences as Six Feet Under's Margaret Chenowith, laughed about playing the mother of attractive actresses and revealed the challenges of playing a Vulcan on Star Trek: Enterprise.

"The people who cast Six Feet Under are casting Enterprise now," Cassidy revealed to TV Guide. "There's very little loyalty in this town, and when that rears its head, it's a beautiful thing." She admitted that she was fussy about the wig she had to wear as T'Les - "Vulcans have a bowl cut — but it had to be the right bowl cut" - but found the Vulcan ears sexy.

Sexy, however, is not a priority for T'Les, who encourages T'Pol to fulfill her obligation to a prearranged marriage rather than pursuing her attraction to Trip Tucker in this week's episode, "Home", which airs Friday night. "I think they're giving T'Pol some weight," said Cassidy. "She is a huge part of that show, but she's been left in the air somehow...they're testing Jolene Blalock's acting chops by giving her heavy stuff to play."

Interviewer Daniel R. Coleridge noted that only a hottie could play the mother of both Jolene Blalock and Six Feet Under's Rachel Griffiths. Cassidy said that while Chenowith may look picture perfect, she's much more conniving than T'Les, whom she described as "a very honorable, respectful woman and she believes in a good cause."

Told to restrain her smiles as a Vulcan, Cassidy found it interesting "to pull it all in" to play a Vulcan but said she might wear her Vulcan ears "for Halloween — or something kinky at home."

The full interview is here.

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