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By Amy
October 21, 2000 - 4:15 PM has put up four new video clips where Kate Mulgrew (Janeway), Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), Tim Russ (Tuvok) and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) reflect a bit on their respective characters. The transcripts of each, of course, can be found below.

Kate Mulgrew on Janeway

"It's a constant challenge for me. Janeway was not an easy or particularly natural fit, and I've had to create her pretty singularly out of a foreign clay for me, which is, I think, for an actress of my stripe, the best of all possible creative challenges. I come to work everyday and I say "Today's the day I'm going to crack it," and I've said that every day for six years. And that's the last thing I'd like to say, on the last morning, of the seventh season."

Roxann Dawson on Torres

"I love that she's still not perfect and that she still makes mistakes and that she has growth, still, ahead of her. I think that perfect people are boring, actually, and not a lot of fun to play as an actress and I love to see her continually fail and grow, trip and recover, and that's sort of been her progress over the last few years. But she's, um - they handed me a character that had so many layers and we've just sort of been peeling them away over the years and there's still a few layers to go and probably there will be when the series ends. But I think that's a good way to leave: when you still want to know more about a character."

Tim Russ on Tuvok

"I definitely felt an obligation to sort of carry the torch, if you will, because there really hasn't been a character, a regular character, that was Vulcan, since that show, and I think it was done deliberately, but in doing so, because the character was so popular, initially everybody knew, you know, what there was to know about this character, and there wasn't a tremendous amount that had been established about his past, and we have established more since then. Definitely felt an obligation to carry the torch and make it believable, and also, with the added pressure of having being a minority playing this character, which we haven't seen before. Yeah, I felt it was necessary to do the job and I had to use all the resources, all of the information I had about Spock's character, and all of the background and everything else to give me a base to start from."

Jeri Ryan on Seven of Nine

"I wasn't at all sure when I signed on what - what I was getting myself into. And I was a little bit apprehensive because, especially as you mentioned: the catsuit. It's a pretty "in your face" costume, you know, it doesn't leave a lot to the imagination, and this - I know I've said this so many times - this would have been such an easy character for them to, by episode three of my first season on the show, to have her completely human and then she's in bed with every cast member, and I didn't have any interest in signing on with anything like that, but I didn't know enough about the show to be sure that they weren't going to do that. So, I have been - it has exceeded my expectations, a million-fold, in that capacity. They've shown such remarkable restraint with this character, they've developed her so beautifully and they've given me such rich things to do as an actor. I'm very grateful to them - it's been a wonderful experience."
The video clips can be found here at A big thanks go out to Caillan for transcribing these!

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