Partick Stewart Interview

By Amy
October 21, 2000 - 1:04 PM

SFX have posted a brief interview with TNG's Patrick Stewart (Picard), where the Shakespearian-trained actor and star of blockbuster movie 'X-Men' talks about his relationship with the man who proceeded him has captain of the Enterprise.

"There was a certain friction, and gossips spread rumours of Bill's resentment," Stewart said in the Radio Times.

"There were unfortunate incidents but by chance we found ourselves the only passengers on Paramount's Gulf Stream jet flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

"During that 70-minute flight we got to know one another and I was absolutely charmed and delighted to discover what a smart, ironic and realistic individual he is." However, he also said that Shatner was a fantasist. ""He's something of a fantasist as well ... Bill has taken it several stages further."

The full interview can be found here at the SFX Network. Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for the heads up!

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