Spiner Happy To Support Latest Trek

By Michelle
September 21, 2004 - 5:37 PM

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"They think I said yes because I need a job. I think they need me to promote Enterprise,' laughed Brent Spiner about his upcoming appearance on the newest Star Trek.

In a brief article in TV Guide this week, Star Trek: The Next Generation star Spiner and executive producer Rick Berman both discussed Spiner's upcoming appearance as Dr. Arik Soong, an idea that Berman said he pitched to Spiner "over a beer, and he went for it."

Berman was of the opinion that Spiner would "go for any story that didn't require yellow makeup," though the first episode of the arc features intensive makeup for other characters: the Orions, who appear in a photo in the TV Guide feature.

Spiner appears as well, in costume as Arik Soong, the great-great grandfather of another Dr. Soong played by the actor. "Knowing [Star Trek] is still on the air in some form - any form - is comforting to me," Spiner said, calling the series "classic Americana."

TV Guide Online reported on another desired guest appearance by a Trek alumnus on Enterprise, with less positive news. William Shatner (Kirk) reiterated that UPN had balked at his salary to appear in another mini-arc. Writer Michael Ausiello urged the network not to "cheap out" and fail to have Shatner appear.

The TV Guide print article and photos may be seen at the Trek Nation's TrekBBS. Thanks to MvRojo.

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