Voyager Episode Spoilers

By Christian
September 21, 2000 - 11:33 PM

Several new rumours, or expansions on old rumours, appeared over the last few hours on both Another Universe and TrekWeb. Here's a summary:

  • According to Michelle Erica Green, writing a news report for AU's Daily Buzz, the Paramount lot was filled last week with people who looked sort of but not quite like several 'Voyager' characters. Apparently these people will show up in the November telefilm 'Flesh and Blood', dealing with the holodeck technology given to the Hirogen, as imperfect holographic doubles.

  • Writing again on the Torres/Paris wedding rumours, Green said that a tour guide at Paramount's Gower Theatre said that recently a movie date scene with the two characters was filmed there. According to Green, the Gower Theatre has been rumoured as the place of the wedding, but the guide said he believed the wedding hadn't taken place yet.

  • Finally, Green reported there was some disagreement between her sources, with one source saying the marriage had originally been scripted to take part in 'Drive', while others said there is a large wedding in the works later in the season.

  • Meanwhile, former 'Vulcan Café' webmaster DerekWW also posted on the wedding, saying that the wedding will take place several episodes prior to 'Body and Soul', in a ceremony taking place in the Mess Hall. In 'Body and Soul' itself, Torres and Paris will apparently have a love scene/

  • Continuing on 'Body and Soul', DerekWW also revealed that the episode will apparently feature Tuvok finally going through Pon Farr. In the episode, Tom Paris feels for Tuvok and tries to help him through it medically.

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