Take on Trek Column: The Enemy - Part 4

By Amy
September 21, 2000 - 6:13 AM

Fred Shedian has posted the fourth article of his 'Take on Trek - the Enemy' series. This week, Fred looks at aliens such as the Romulans and Cardassians, who, as Trek villians, have more or less stood the test of time.

The Romulans are not the only species to maintain it's integrity and "mystery" over the years. Although only seen once during The Original Series, the Tholian Holdfast are a race we know even less about. For most, it was believed they were simply a "one night" fling. Yet, many believed that this race was indeed powerful. Their single appearance had established them as perhaps TOS's version of TNG's Cardassians. Their reappearance after almost thirty years of silence on Deep Space Nine made these theories fact. It was established that the Tholian Holdfast indeed had a "section" of territory, including a "Tholian Neutral Zone" with the Federation. They had also even established a nonaggression treaty with the Dominion, showing that they had at least something of an empire. With a cloud of mystery surrounding them, I must estimate that this race may indeed be one of the last surviving members of the countless we've saw over thirty-four years ago.

The full article, of course, can be found at TrekNation.

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