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An archive of Star Trek News

Gaming Bullets

By Amy
September 21, 2000 - 5:55 AM

  • German gaming site KGN have posted four new screen shots of the soon-to-be-released 'Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force' CFT maps.

  • Activsion has just opened their expected 'Star Trek: Elite Force' support page, where along with updates and patches, gamers can get tips and hints for game-play.

  • Dave Johnson at Gamepower has awarded 'Elite Force' 3.5/4 in their recent review of the game, commenting "that [it] was no run-of-the-mill Quake mod" though he found the game's multi-player he multiplayer engine "a bit flat".

  • "Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force is an outstanding first-person shooter based on the most recent Star Trek TV series" according to reviewer Greg Kasavin at ZDNet: Gamespot. Awarding it 8.6/10, Greg is largely positive about the game, but again finds faults in the multi-player mode.

  • In another, also positive, review by Ryan Thompson at, the game is awarded a B+, Thompson saying that "the end result of Raven's hard work is a wonderful recreation of a franchise that is all too often trampled on in poorly produced games."

  • In yet another 'Elite Force' review, Brian Wright of PC Game Pro awards the game top marks for graphics, sound, control and fun factor, with tech and multi-player also scoring a strong 4.5/5., remarking that "you don't even have to be a full-fledged Trekker to appreciate the gaming goodness that Elite Force has to offer."

  • In what seems to be the trend for the day, we have Chris Kramer of and his 'Elite Force' review. Though going as far as saying that the actual TV show sucks, Kramer still rates 'Elite Force' as a 'hit'.

  • In 'Elite Force' review number six, Vincent Lopez awards it 8.6/10, delcaring: "Trekkies, rejoice! You've finally got something to be proud of."

  • Elite Force review number 7 is also wildly positive, Beyondtron awarding it a whopping 9.4/10 and adding that "Elite Forces is a true gaming experience that I can safely say should not be missed be any Star Trek fan and non-fan alike."

  • And finally, Activision has announced that it will be selling a Collectors edition of 'Elite Force' via it's online store. Each one includes a 96 page graphic comic novel with two 48-page Voyager stories (a $29.99 value), a "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" AVI, a Star Trek Voyager Lapel Pin valued at $5, and unique box art.

Thanks go out to Evil Avatar and Blue's News for some of these!

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