Michael Okuda Joins 'Star Trek: Online' Team

By Michelle
August 21, 2005 - 10:46 PM

Graphic designer and scenic art supervisor Michael Okuda has joined the team creating the Star Trek: Online massive multiplayer role-playing game.

Perpetual Entertainment has posted the addition of the "Star Trek legend", citing Okuda as the creator of the graphic user interface for the Star Trek computer system LCARS as well as an author and visual effects artist. The original announcement was made at the Creation convention in Las Vegas earlier this month.

"It seems the natural progression to be working with Perpetual as a design consultant for Star Trek Online," said Okuda in the press release. "They are evolving the look of Star Trek into the future...I am confident Star Trek fans will be pleased with where Perpetual is going with the franchise."

In addition, lead designer Glen Dahlgren and art director Ken Henderson posted about their session in Las Vegas in the Developer Blogs at Perpetual, with Dahlgren noting that "We exposed the areas where we were pushing the look and feel of Star Trek forward...and then we discussed the gameís design with a very interested and intelligent audience."

"The interaction with the audience was great, especially because it allowed us to communicate with people who didnít have any knowledge or preconceptions about the game," added Dahlgren. "And the one-on-one conversations following the formal panel were a lot of fun." Dahlgren also introduced new systems designer Eric Heimburg, who had worked at Turbine as a designer, producer, and engineer on Asheron's Call 2.

More information may be found at Perpetual Entertainment. Gamespot and StarTrek.com have covered the news as well.

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