'Hidden Frontier' Creates 'Beachhead'

By Michelle
August 21, 2005 - 2:51 AM

A new episode of the fan series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, "Beachhead", has been released, featuring conflict with the Tholians and difficulties for the Excelsior's crew.

The Hidden Frontier newsletter provides links to the episode and news about the series, including a summary of an article in Variety that featured the project, describing it as "a handful of tech-proficient fans ... working in Hollywood's backyard, [who] have kept on Trekkin' with [a] Web-based series expanding on the 'Trek' universe.".

Hidden Frontier is set in the Next Generation era, focusing on the Excelsior and its home base, Deep Space 12. The series is set in the Briar Patch, a wild region of space introduced in Star Trek: Insurrection. In addition to the familiar Tholians, Cardassians, Breen and other familiar species, the series has introduced new villains and features original characters played by volunteer performers.

"The Tholians have made their move," notes producer Carlos Pedraza. "The series' villains finally come together to test a new weapon against Starfleet. Meanwhile, the largest meeting of Alpha Quadrant powers since the Dominion War is not going so well. They know they need to band together against the Tholians but the Federation is keeping secrets from them." On the crew, an illegally joined Trill has difficulty with his symbiont while the first-ever portrayed Tellarite captain faces down the deadly weapon.

News and download information for "Beachhead" can be found at the Hidden Frontier web site.

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