'Broken Bow' Novelisation Cover Released

By Caillan
August 21, 2001 - 12:40 PM

Broken Bow novel artwork - courtesy Psi Phi, copyright Pocket Books

Star Trek book tidbits have been pouring online in the last few days, including the cover for the novelisation of the first Enterprise episode, 'Broken Bow.'

The novelisation, written by Diane Carey, is set to be published this October, in hardcover format. It will include a special 'behind the scenes' section, written by Paul Ruditis. Seen to the right, courtesy of Psi Phi, the cover artwork shows an image of the first starship Enterprise, the NX-01.

According to a post by Pocket Books executive editor John Ordover at Psi Phi, the image of the Enterprise was chosen because "the ship was the only piece of art we had."

Ordover also explained the reasoning behind the hardcover release in a thread at the TrekBBS. "The reality is that we have more time to get hardcover out," he said, "but also many paperback outlets, such as grocery stores or airport newstands, simply order too far ahead to stock such a super-rush book. Since we are cut off from that part of the market anyway, and since we can squeeze a little more time on a hardcover, that's the best choice for us."

Following on from the pilot novelization, the title of the first regular Enterprise novel has been announced. 'By The Book' will be written by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The book is currently set for a January 2002 release.

'New Frontier' fans shouldn't feel left out, as cover images for the latest two books in the series have been released. The cover for the paperback version of 'Excalibur: Restoration' can be found here in addition to the artwork for 'Being Human,' book twelve in the series. Both novels, written by Peter David, will be released in November 2001.

The first and second collections of Starfleet Corps of Engineers stories, entitled 'Have Tech, Will Travel' and 'Miracle Workers,' will be released in January and February 2002 respectively. The cover images for both the first and second volumes are now available online.

A plethora of cover images for further upcoming Star Trek novel releases can be found here at the Psi Phi Star Trek Book Database.

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