'The Command' And 'Inner Child' Spoiled

By Christian
August 21, 2000 - 11:48 PM

TrekWeb has been updated with plot info for two Voyager episodes from the seventh season, one we've heard of before, and one completely new. Take a look:

  • 'The Command' is the title of the episode in which Harry Kim is offered the opportunity to take command of an alien ship. 'Voyager' executive producer Kenneth Biller recently told Cinescape the following about this episode: "We're doing an episode where you'll see Harry Kim pushed to his core, where he is forced to realize and acknowledge the fact that if Voyager doesn't get home, he's hit a glass ceiling. He's going to be stuck on this ship as an ensign for conceivably his entire professional career. That means giving up his dream, which is to captain a starship. He's going to be confronted with an opportunity to do that, and it's really going to test him and force him to examine how to balance his own desires with his loyalties to his family on Voyager."

  • 'Inner Child' is one of the episodes in this year's Paris-Torres arc, raising an ethical dilemma when Torres takes the future of her unborn child's genetical makeup in her own hands, in an effort to spare her kid from the Klingon half of herself she despises so much. Also featured sometime in the Paris-Torres arc this season (perhaps even already in this episode?) will be a storyline involving "a generational Klingon ship that has been traveling from the Alpha Quadrant toward the Delta Quadrant for many years".
TrekWeb's original report can be read by following this link.

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