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By Christian
August 21, 2000 - 1:02 AM

  • According to an article on the official Star Trek site, there were even more connections between Star Trek and the Democratic National Convention then originally reported. Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) apparently emceed a 'presidential dinner' for Bill Clinton on the Paramount lot, while several Voyager cast members were in attendance at a party on the Paramount backlot for convention delegates. There's no word yet on how the Republicans intend to win over some of the all-important Trek fan vote.

  • Again according to a report, USAopoly is currently developing a version of Monopoly based on the Original Star Trek series, following on their TNG version from a few years ago. Info on how to pre-order the game (which will give you two extra playing figures) can be found in the full article.

  • Rick Norwood at the SF Site has posted a new edition of his Babylon 5.1 TV review column, in the absence of new SF TV featuring a review of the 'City On The Edge Of Forever' DVD release.

  • The new edition of 'Out Of The Box', the weekly RPG column by Star Trek RPG designer Kenneth Hite, features the following fairly interesting comment on the recent Trek RPG license acquisition by Decipher: "Ahem. No, I`m not particularly pleased. Yes, it was a surprise. I have a number of speculations about the how and the why, at least one of which would probably get me sued for libel if I put it in this column. I do know that Decipher only has the license for two years, and has no in-house RPG staff or experience, and has just ticked off Hasbro. I fully expect to be working on a Star Trek RPG game, for Wizards of the Coast, at the end of that two-year period. It`ll be a pretty good one."

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