Braga Reveals Five Kinds Of Xindi

By Christian
July 21, 2003 - 10:31 PM

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Did the Enterprise producers set their sights on getting all five Emmy makeup nominations next year? Maybe that's why they set their designers to work on creating five unique Xindi species.

Speaking to the Sci-Fi Wire, head writer Brannon Braga revealed that the aliens introduced in the third season's premiere episode will pose more of a challenge to Michael Westmore and his crew than simply putting on some extra pointy ears. "Our five Xindi species are a Xindi humanoid; a Xindi reptilian; the Xindi sloth, which is evolved from a furry, arboreal creature, an arboreal primate; the Xindi insectoid; and the Xindi aquatics."

Despite the many new designs required, the makeup department likely still won't get overworked, as only three of the Xindi races will be portrayed by actors in prosthetics. Like Species 8472 before them, the insectoids and the aquatics are so complex they will have be completely computer-generated.

"[The aquatics are] like dolphins and whales," Braga said. "When they're in meetings, they have to live in a big tank, in a big and murky tank. When the aquatics and the insectoids speak, of course, there's going to have to be subtitles, because the languages are just too weird."

The differences between the species won't just pose challenges for the makeup and computer crews, as Braga hinted each of the species will have its own ideas about their position on the Xindi totem pole. For more on that, please read the full article.

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