Montgomery Wants To See Travis Grow

By Caillan
July 21, 2002 - 1:46 PM

Enterprise's Anthony Montgomery has no firm idea of what should happen to Travis Mayweather in season two, as long as the helmsman continues to develop.

"How do I want to see Travis grow? I don't really care," Montgomery said during a chat at "I just want to continue to see him grow. I leave myself open for whatever those growth possibilities are." He added that the writers are always receptive to input from the cast. "As far as input, there is an open door policy with the writers and the producers, so any questions that I have, we talk about. Any questions they have, we talk about."

However, Montgomery would like to use his own martial arts training on the series. "Hopefully, the writers will incorporate Travis being enthusiastic about martial arts into the script," he said. "That would probably be the only way for Travis to get to kick some alien Heinekens."

Despite the fact that most of his co-stars have already been seen in their underwear, the actor said he would only strip off if it was integral to the storyline. "I specifically did not want Travis to run around with no shirt on or in his skivvies just for the sake of doing it. When it lends itself to the script, I'm sure you will more of Travis. But there are no 'Full Montys' coming. As an actor, I will guarantee that."

Asked to pick a favourite Enterprise moment, Montgomery confessed he is always critical of his own performance. "I can't really say that I can look at the screen and go, 'There's a moment that I love.' I always say, 'Why did I say it like that? Why did I do that like that?' I'm an actor, and I'm always trying to make myself better, always trying to make my character better."

But the actor said he enjoyed the moments when the whole cast are required for a scene. "I can say some of my favorite times onscreen are when they have our entire cast together, because it's so rare. Phlox may never have a reason to be on the bridge, but they get him there. I love those times. A fun moment was when Travis got to sit in the captain's chair. [...] So that was fun for me, because people constantly look at the captain's chair as somewhere people want to sit. It's so taboo, and Travis did! And Hoshi encouraged him to, and then he got in trouble!"

The full chat transcript, in which Montgomery also shared his convention experiences, can be found here at

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