Paramount Let Me Take Risks, Says Logan

By Caillan
July 21, 2001 - 10:12 AM

When he embarked on the script for Star Trek X, John Logan's mission was clear - to boldly take The Next Generation characters where they'd never been before.

"I went in and said 'This is the story I want to do, and these are the three things I want to happen in the movie'," Logan told UK magazine Dreamwatch (via TrekWeb). "And they're bold - there are some bold choices."

The scribe, who co-wrote the sword and sandals epic 'Gladiator,' was delighted that the studio executives felt the same way. "Everyone at Paramount said 'Absolutely, let's take some risks. Let's see these characters grow. And if you want to write a great antagonist and tie him into these people, go ahead and do it.' They [Paramount] were very supportive about it."

Paramount wasn't the only source of enthusiasm for Logan's ideas, as Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) was also eager to get involved. "When I came in with these rather bold ideas, Patrick [Stewart] was very much on board, in terms of saying 'Let these people spread their wings and be the characters they can be, rather than just be bottled versions of the characters on the TV show'," Logan said. "During the development, I would call him and say 'Here is the story, here's what we're doing. I want your feedback.' He was great. He'd say 'That's not good enough, that's cliched, that's great, I love this idea'."

However, that doesn't mean that Trek X won't have plenty of action, for Logan hopes that the film will feature the best of both worlds. "I hope we are recapturing some of the spirit of 'First Contact' and 'The Wrath of Khan,' in terms of this [being] a big old adventure movie. While some elements are incredibly character-driven, I hope those won't exclude the general audience. Or it will be 'the worst of times,' believe me!"

The full interview can be found in Issue 82 of Dreamwatch, out now in the United Kingdom. For the original TrekWeb article, please follow this link.

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