'Star Trek: The Music'

By T'Bonz
June 21, 2008 - 2:51 AM

John de Lancie and Robert Picardo are co-hosting Star Trek: The Music, which is appearing in Toronto and will appear later in Cincinnati and Denver.

As reported by jam.canoe.ca, according to de Lancie, he was approached by Maestro Erich Kunzel. "Erich handed me all this Star Trek music and said, 'Do you think you could do something with it?' And I listened to it all and it was all sort of arranged musically where it made sense harmonically. But it was very much out of chronological order. After listening to it, I thought the best way to approach this particular program was to consider that there would be two audiences out there, the aficionado who knew far more than I ever would about 'Star Trek', and the person who knew nothing. With that in mind, Bob [Picardo] and I decided on an arc, which is, 'Let's take it from the beginning and all the way through [the various series and movies].'

"We start from the TV music and then we go on to the movie music," said de Lancie. "We go through that stuff and various sorts of trivia. For instance, you probably know that there were lyrics for the first theme. It was so Roddenberry could attach half the royalties to himself. Bob actually sings it. I'm paid not to sing, believe me."

"We point people to episodes," de Lancie explained. "We point to where the music was at that particular time in the development of the show. 'Listen to this part; this was a new way of approaching battle music.' It's little heads-up here and there rather than a lot of babble."

Star Trek: The Music had its first performance in Toronto tonight and will conclude on Saturday the 21st. It will also be performed in Cincinnati on June 27th and 28th and in Denver on November 1.

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