Enterprise Uniforms Described

By Lisa
June 21, 2001 - 3:36 PM

One of the aspects about Enterprise fans are most eager to see are the uniforms that will be worn by Captain Archer and the crew. Thoguh no official publicity shots have yet been released, a new report claims to reveal new details of their design.

"The uniforms are purple and look like a mix of a military uniform and Starfleet's uniforms," a source told the Dark Horizons site. The report was apparently based on a recent UPN meeting where a short on-set video of Bakula and the crew was presented. "They are not nearly as form-fitting. They have yellow stripes around the shoulders: not sure if those have anything to do with rank. There is also a badge of some sort on each forearm, it may be a NASA symbol, [I] couldn't tell."

In addition to the news about the uniforms, the report also featured new information about the mind-set of the characters in the show. "[People] don't quite trust the idea of there being a Starfleet and some people don't trust transporter technology. They are still freaked out when they see an alien."

Previous reports have described the uniforms as being navy-blue jump suits, featuring yoke colours that indicate rank and function, a black turtleneck, and a left-shoulder patch featuring a logo of the Enterprise. The official site described them as "looser look, natural fibers that breathe and [lacking] uncomfortable foot stirrups," and featuring zips and pockets.

You can read the original report on this here at Dark Horizons.

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