UPN 'Voyager' Upfront Presentation

By Christian
May 21, 2000 - 11:54 PM

'Voyager' upfront presentation - courtesy Vidiot Mr. Video Productions has uploaded a 31 MB, 3-minute video file containing UPN's presentation on 'Star Trek: Voyager', which they gave when they announced their fall schedule on Thursday. Most of the presentation consisted of a two-minute video summary of the past six years, but UPN entertainment president Tom Nunan also had the following to say about the show's final season:

"Viewers will flock to 'Voyager' this season for a multitude of reasons. First, we kick off the year resolving this season's cliffhanger. Second, we're planning a host of stars to promote the show's final season. Many actors and personalities are eager to appear on the series before it concludes, as The Rock and Jason Alexander have done for us in the past.

"Third, a two-hour movie is planned for November sweeps, and whenever we air 'Voyager' two-hour events, they perform a good 30% over and above Voyager's series averages. Lastly, viewers will seek out Voyager as the question that hangs over the entire season's run: 'Will Voyager find her way back home?' The answer, of course, will be provided in a giant series finale, airing in next May's sweeps.

Here's the look at Emmy award-winning 'Star Trek: Voyager'.

This was followed by the aforementioned two-minute video presentation, which actually included half a second new footage from 'Unimatrix Zero'. Should you wish to download it, you can still get it here on Vidiot's site.

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