'Voyager' episode reviews

By Christian
May 21, 2000 - 11:27 AM

Julia Houston at About.com's Star Trek Fans has put up reviews of two recent Voyager episodes, namely 'Fury' and 'Life Line'. As most reviewers, Julia didn't particularly like 'Fury':

"Course Oblivion" shows it's a dangerous thing to have Voyager leave you behind. "Fury" proves it's better to be dead than have Braga and Berman team up on your life story.

Her full analysis of the episode can be found by following this link. Perhaps not surprisingly, Julia liked 'Life Line' a lot better:

It's an odd thing about fans. When the shows are really different, fans will complain that they're not being given what they want. When the shows pander to audience tastes, fans will complain that the show is "selling out."

Troi and Barclay have been in two Voyager episodes now. Can they stop being seen as a ratings gimmick?

Frankly, they're perfect for Voyager. Among all the TNG people, they (and Data, but what are the odds of getting him?) experienced the most character growth on the show, and in that, they remind me of Voyager's characters.

Again, more can be found in the full review.

Meanwhile, Critch Starblade at Trek fan club the U.S.S. Maximillian has written a short review of 'The Haunting of Deck Twelve', last Wednesday's new Voyager:

I really didn't have high hopes for this episode, due to the fact that it seemed like it was just a space filler, in between last week's stellar "Life Lines" and next weeks return of the borg in "Unimatrix Zero". So I taped it and went back to it later, watching a special episode of Drew Carey instead (Funnier anyway) but in hind sight, I should've sat through Voyager, as it certainly was worth the time.

Read on here.

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