Virtual Voyager Tour Launches

By Christian
April 21, 2001 - 11:39 AM

Even though many of the physical sets have already been torn down, thanks to a new Virtual Tour launched this week viewers will be able to explore all areas of the U.S.S. Voyager in a completely new way. As part of its Finale section, the official Star Trek site has put up a new Voyager Tour, giving you the chance to learn more about a dozen interior as well as exterior areas of the ship. Here's the full list of locations available in the tour:

  • The Main Bridge - Here you can get full 360º view of the main Voyager command area from four vantage points: the Captain's Chair, Tuvok's Security Station, Harry Kim's Ops station and the helm.
  • The Briefing Room
  • The Captain's Ready Room - Represented by a still photograph, so not allowing you to turn around.
  • Main Engineering - Including 360º views from the Warp Core controls and the second floor.
  • A Turbolift - Also represented by a still photograph, though admittedly a three-dimensional view wouldn't add much.
  • Sickbay - Including views from the Doctor's Office and the Treatment Area.
  • The Transporter Room - Including views both from Transporter Controll and the actual Transporter Pad.
  • The Mess Hall
  • A Corridor - Offering a view of the corridor outside of Engineering Support.
  • Shuttlebay - Offering an exterior look at the shuttlebay as a shuttle is arriving.
  • Phaser Array - Offering an exterior look at one of Voyager's Phaser Arrays.

The Virtual Tour is set up quite professionally, also offering you the chance to see up-close details of the ship, by zooming in on the consoles in several of the views. Also available are extensive photo galleries of most locations. You will need to have both Flash and QuickTime installed to use the feature.

Voyager isn't the only Star Trek ship to be preserved in this way. The Star Trek TNG: Interactive Technical Manual provided 360-degree views of all areas on the Enterprise-D, combined with extensive technical details, while 'The Captain's Chair' (now sadly no longer available) did the same for the bridges of all major Star Trek vessels, including a recreated computer version of the original Enterprise bridge. Only the Deep Space Nine station has never been accessible in this way, though the Defiant's bridge was also featured in 'The Captain's Chair.'

To explore the ship, please follow this link to the 'Star Trek: Voyager' Virtual Tour.

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